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Hello readers! I love listening to music of all genres on a daily basis. I can’t go a day without popping on some headphones and listening to some upbeat tunes while I dance around my room or relax from a long day by listening to calming songs. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite music in a new blog post series. I don’t know how often these posts will be just yet, but I will post them periodically. Each post I’ll be sharing five songs for the music mood I set for the theme.

This first editon is a playlist of songs I listen to while book blogging! Usually I gravitate towards calming, jazzy, or relaxing music so I can concentrate on what I’m writing, but also something that makes me dance in my seat.

1. You & I, Amused by Acoustic Collabo feat. Soulman

Though I am a huge fan of mainstream K-pop, I also really enjoy the sweet sounds of Korean Indie music. Acoustic Collabo is one of my top favorite Korean Indie duos, and this collaboration with Soulman is amazing. The song talks about having a crush on someone and gathering up the courage to tell them how you really feel. The MV portrays this song through a cute love story about a  guy who falls in love with a coffee shop barista.


2. Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) by Regina Spektor

I love Spektor’s fun music and whimsical songs. From upbeat pop tracks to piano filled ballads, I find myself listening to her music a lot while blogging. This song is very catchy, and is easy to sing along with. I also love how the MV is just pure randomness from Regina dressing up in crazy sunglasses and floating in the air, there’s a lot going on here.


3. I’d Rather Be Burned as a Witch by Rene Marie

Jazz is not only relaxing, but is also great to dance to. Even though Marie has been in the music industry for quite a while, I just recently found out about her music. This track comes of her album I Wanna Be Evil and every song on there is amazing. Jazz keeps me at ease when I’m blogging, but also keeps me focused. Marie’s vocals along with the musical arrangements in the song make this track golden.


4. Yo No Se Mañana by Luis Enrique

I absolutely love this song! It was first introduced to me in my zumba class a few years a ago. It’s a nice salsa track great for dancing or just moving along with beat in your seat. I listen to a lot of Latin music, and this song by Enrique has definitely got me hooked onto his music. The song (in English) is called I Don’t Know About Tomorrow and lyrics talk about being in love.


5. Sweet Pea by Amos Lee

And last, but not least to end this playlist a calm, but happy pop song by Amos Lee. I’ve heard this song everywhere: from movie soundtracks or in a local coffee shop. I can listen to this song anytime!


And those are my five music picks! I hope you enjoyed the first edition of “What I’m Listening To”. What songs do you listen to while blogging? Share your music recommendations below as well as suggestions of what playlists or genres to talk about next time. 🙂

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