Here is a complete list on the ongoing weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly features that I present on my blog.

Bi-Weekly Features

book tag thursdays new

“Book Tag Thursdays” is a bi-weekly segment where I find awesome book tags throughout the vast, wide inter-webs made by lovely bloggers.

Booktube Bites is a bi-weekly segment in which I spotlight cool bookish videos on the internet. I discuss some entertaining videos and Booktubers which you can check out.

Monthly Features

“My Favorite Things” is a monthly segment where I share my personal and current favorites in seasonal products, health & beauty, food, decor, movies, TV shows, and more.

e-book reviews meme

“E-Book Reviews” where I compile 2-3 mini-reviews of a couple of books that I’ve read on my e-reader for this month. *This segment is currently on hiatus*

book haul meme

what I'm listening to meme

In “What I’m Listening To” I’ll be share some of my favorite song picks with you in a themed mini-playlist of five songs.

Periodic Features

author interview meme

book spotlight

In “Tea Time Review” I try out various tea that are new to me and share my thoughts.