Book Review: “That Salty Air” by Tim Sievert


“That Salty Air” by Tim Sievert (2008)

Genre: Fiction, Graphic Novel, Nautical

Page Length: 110 pages (paperback edition)


Hugh is a fisherman with a special relationship to the sea; a relationship based on respect and reverence. But when Hugh feels that the sea has betrayed him, his whole existence is thrown out of whack. Hell-bent on settling the score, Hugh takes his revenge to the extreme, jeopardizing not only himself, but his family in the process. Ultimately, That Salty Air is story about change, and learning the price for trifling with the natural progression of things. (description from Amazon)


That Salty Air is a graphic novel that has a simplistic story line with a moral message. Our main character, Hugh, is a fisherman who provides for himself and his wife by catching fish. They live a simple life in a small cottage that is set by the sea. Hugh is at good terms, with mother nature, or mother sea in this case, until he receives some devastating news. The result? He takes out his anger on the sea for taking away something he loves.

Not only does this novel show a great depiction of the circle of life in the sea, but it also sends a good message that revenge is never the answer. And you know how they say what comes around goes around? Karma always comes back to bite you in the butt. Other than the story’s moral message, I also thoroughly enjoyed the artwork style. My only regret is that I wished the book was longer and we got to see more character backgrounds and interactions.

Final Verdict:

A graphic novel that is short, sweet, and to the point. Recommended for fans of nautical stories. 3 1/2 stars.

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