Tea Time Review: Novel Tea by Bag Ladies Tea

Hello fellow readers and tea drinkers! Welcome to another edition of Tea Time Review where I try various types of teas and share my thoughts about them. To see my most recent tea review, click here.

So many teas to try, and so little time! This time I decided to go with a tea that I have previously enjoyed, but never reviewed on this blog! I choose to talk about Novel Teas created by Bag Ladies Tea!

It’s available for purchase as a whole box with 25 tea bags or in a set of 6 small pouches, each carrying 5 individual tea bags. It’s the perfect gift for any tea or book lover and they make great presents. I’ve given some to friends and family at Christmastime and they loved it!

The tea itself is nothing special, as it is a classic English Breakfast Tea (which is one of my favorites). The tea can be enjoyed hot or iced depending on your preference and it’s the perfect tea for snuggling up with a good book. Brew 3-5 minutes total. And tada! You have a tasty drink!

Overall Thoughts

After steeping the tea and letting it cool off a bit, I took a taste and savored the warmth of the tea. English Breakfast tea is a great caffeinated tea for something to give you that extra kick when you wake up in the morning or when you need a pick me up in the afternoon. It’s soothing, but tasty and that’s what makes it so widely loved by many. What I really like about Novel Tea is that the teabags are individually tagged with literary quotes from around the world including authors such as CS Lewis, Rita Mae Brown, and Alice Hoffman. It makes a great gift as I’ve said before plus it’s inexpensive compared to some of the similar bookish teas I’ve found. I hope they can add more variety of flavors of Novel Tea for the future. But for the time being they do offer some other teas in the shop that you can purchase.

Final Verdict


What tasty teas have you tried lately? Which teas would you recommend drinking while reading a good book? Comment below with your thoughts. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Tea Time Review: Novel Tea by Bag Ladies Tea

  1. Cute!! I’ve recently discovered bluebird tea – they’ve got a monthly tea subscription which is INCREDIBLE. Each month you get three small-ish sachets that are picked to go with a theme. So for example, one month I got teas based on cocktails! I would seriously recommend them because omg they’re so good <3

    1. Ohh that sounds like a nice tea subscription. Especially since they’re themed. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to check them out! 🙂

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