Tea Time Review: Sweet Sakura Green Tea

Hello fellow readers and tea drinkers! Welcome to another edition of Tea Time Review where I try various types of teas and share my thoughts about them. To see my most recent tea review, click here.

Since Spring is upon us I figured it would be a great idea to try a Cherry Blossom flavored tea that I found at a market since it’s Cherry Blossom season in Japan now.


This time around I’ll be reviewing Japan Green Tea Co.’s Sweet Sakura Green Tea.

The tea is composed of Japanese style Green tea, Sencha and dried and pickled pink Sakura flower petals. It’s recommended that you steep in this tea in boiling water for 1-2 mins.

Overall Thoughts

After steeping the tea for 2 minutes, the tea had a light green coloring with a light. pleasant Cherry Blossom aroma. I’m very picky about green teas, but I really enjoyed this one a lot! It’s definitely going on my top favorites list for green tea. At first sip, you can really only taste green tea, but I found adding a bit of sugar/sweetener helps to bring out Cherry Blossom flavor. As with most green teas Sweet Sakura is very light in flavor and aroma. Rather than pairing it with a meal or a light snack I feel as if it’s a tea best enjoyed on its own.

If you’re looking for a Spring-like tea with light flavors, Sweet Sakura will be the tea for you! To purchase the tea, click here!

Final Verdict:

Do you have a favorite green tea or Spring-like tea? If so, share your thoughts in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “Tea Time Review: Sweet Sakura Green Tea

    1. Understandable, I tend to like sweeter drinks, so 50% of the I add sugar to my tea if I’m just drinking it by itself. The only time I drink tea w/o sugar is when it’s paired with a meal. I have a definite sweet tooth. 🙂

  1. A cherry blossom tea! 🙂 I gotta try one of those.
    I’d have to add sugar. It’s hard for me to drink tea, even the sweet ones, without adding a bit of sugar.

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