Book Tag Thursday: Breaking The Spines


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Today’s Topic: Breaking the Spines

Found On:  Cupcake Classics

1. Do you break the spines or do you prefer keeping books looking new?

I always prefer books looking new and in tip-top shape. Breaking the spine is one of my top pet peeves for someone borrowing a book from me. It’s also my own personal standard of how I keep my books in shape.

2.Have you ever accidentally broken a spine?

Yes, it broke my heart!


3. If you’re buying a used book do you mind if the spine is broken?

No, not at all. I try to pick the best looking book if there are multiple copies on the shelf. I guess it doesn’t matter here, because I didn’t own it before.

4. Agree or Disagree: a broken spine on a book shows it’s well loved?

Here’s my view:

1) It could mean that someone loved that book so much that they read it a million times and it took it with them everywhere. It just ended up on the used book shelf after somebody was ready to part with it after having journeyed far and wide.

2) Someone who doesn’t really care about keeping their books in pristine condition or just was using it for practical purposes like for a class and then gives it away.

It depends on the reader or the person, I guess.

5. Because spines on hardbacks cannot physically break, do you prefer them to paperbacks?

Nah, I actually like paperbacks more. They are easier to carry, more flexible, I just feel more comfortable reading a paperback as to  hardback covers. I have dropped hardbacks on my feet so many times it’s ridiculous and it hurts really bad.

5. Do you dog-ear pages as bookmarks?

Nooo!!! Not ever! This pisses me off so much!


6. Anything else to say about your spine obsessions?

No, I think my previous answers were self-explanatory.

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