Wonderful Writers: MaryJanice Davidson

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Hi All! Wonderful Writers is a weekly segment that comes out every Wednesday! Every week I spotlight and discuss one of my favorite authors, books by them, and talk about their writing styles and such. I hope you’ll enjoy. Feel free to participate as well by writing your own post and as always you are welcome to use the meme/pic if you’d like (just remember to credit me).


About:  Davidson is an American author who writes paranormal romance, young adult literature, and non-fiction. She is also both a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. In 2004, she won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award. Davidson is best known for her Undead series.

What I’ve Read (So Far):

  • Undead Series 1-8
  • Wyndham Werewolves
    • Derik’s Bane
  • Alaskan Royals (1-2)
  • Dead and Loving It

Why She is a Wonderful Writer:

I was first introduced t the Davidson’s writing through the Undead series, where we meet Betsy, a woman who dies on her 30th birthday and wakes up to find out that she is the new vampire queen. I instantly fell in love with Betsy, the main cast of characters, and the overall story line. Davidson’s writing is witty and fun, blending elements of mystery, humor, and romance all in each book.

I also love that Davidson uses strong female protagonists/characters that aren’t afraid to speak their mind. It’s what mainly attracted me to her books and her style of writing. Her protagonists show their confident and softer side, letting readers know they’re human too (even if they happen to be on the supernatural side).

Have you read any of Davidson’s works? Comment below with some of your favorites and explain why.

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