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About: Jane Green is the pen name the pen name of Jane Green Warburg, an English author of women’s novels. Together with Helen Fielding she is considered a founder of the genre known as chick lit. Green got her start in journalism writing women’s features for The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan and many others. At 27, she published her first book, Straight Talking, which went straight on to the bestseller lists, and launched her writing career.

What I’ve Read (So Far):

Why She’s a Wonderful Writer:

Not only do I enjoy the realistic characters that Green presents in her novels, but I also enjoy the topics she frequently discusses. Frequent themes in her books include cooking, class wars, children, infidelity, and female friendship. Each of her characters is presented with a complex problem/obstacle in their life and we as readers get to see how they work through their issues.

I also like that Green keeps her “chick lit” real and grounded. There are no easy solutions to her character’s problems and sometimes the romantic relationships have no “happily ever after”. In these ways her books mirror real life. I’d highly recommend Green’s books to anyone who like’s women’s fiction.

Have you read any of Jane Green’s books? Comment below with your favorite book and tell me why. 🙂

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