Why you should read the Vampire Academy series!

So today’s book/series spotlight is way overdue! I have been a fan of the “Vampire Academy” series by Richelle Mead since the first book was released. Honestly, the first time I picked up the book, I read a couple of pages, and put it down and walked away. I thought it was boring and uninteresting so I ended up returning it to my library. But then went I went back to the library again and something in the back of my mind told me to give this book a second chance. I followed my intuition and I loved it! So today I’ll be telling you if you already haven’t, why you should read the Vampire Academy series!

Vampire Academy Series...2

The series is made out of a total of six books:

  • Vampire Academy
  • Frostbite
  • Shadow Kiss
  • Blood Promise
  • Spirit Bound
  • Last Sacrifice

It also has a another spinoff series called “Bloodlines” that takes place in the same universe, with the same characters, and picks up where “Last Sacrifice” left off.

We have our bad ass protagonist, Rose Hathaway, who is a  Dhamphir (Dhamphir’s are a mix of human and vampire blood). Rose is besties with Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi princess (a mortal vampire with an unbreakable bond to the earth’s magic). The series kicks off where Rose and Lissa have been caught as they have “escaped” their boarding school to have a taste of freedom.

Vladamir’s Academy’s is the main setting/base camp for the series and is a boarding school for Moroi’s and Dhamphir’s. They attend they school and take classes, except for the Dhampir’s who take extra fighting/training lessons as it is their duty to guard Moroi’s. On top of school and training, the students/faculty also have to deal with the dangerous world that they live in and they never let they guard down because of the Strigoi (I’ll the let the books explain that for you).

Now before you go and start saying “Vampire Academy” is another teenage vampire story, hold your horses. It’s got a little bit of everything that make’s the reading experience enjoyable. There’s action, adventure, vampires (of course), romance, and drama. Put all of these wonderful literary genres together and you get these well written books!


One of the main reasons that I love the series is how much work Mead put into creating these amazing books. Her writing is so detailed and her plot flows wonderfully. When I’m reading of the books I’m never bored with what’s going on in the story and there’s always something interesting happening or a plot twist that makes me go “WHAT?!” (in a good way, I promise). When I read these books I’m immediately sucked into the universe and block out everything else that’s going on around me.

The characters are well-developed. Our main protagonist, Rose, is strong and confident, but also she shows us that she has her insecurities too. She’s such a likeable character because she is always is looking  out for everyone around her. Sure, she does makes mistakes from time to time, but that just shows she’s not perfect.

Why I’m so attached to this series:

  • it’s not your typical vampire YA series
  • the plotline
  • characters (I love Dimitri, he’s awesome) (and Rose, of course)
  • I met Richelle Mead in person
  • She also autographed my books 😀

My emotions during this entire series:

Need I say more? Go check out the “Vampire Academy” series by Richelle Mead!



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4 thoughts on “Why you should read the Vampire Academy series!

  1. 1) I’m so afraid of vampires since Twilight
    2) The first book looks like Angelina Jolie
    3) Academy settings and I don’t mix well (except for Hogwarts)

    But I have several friends who keep telling me to read just the first book, and then let them know how I feel. But reasons 1-3 are all that keeps repeating in my head whenever I go to pick the book up!!!

    1. You should read this series Kayla, it’s so unbelievably good. Ignore the tiny little voice in your head that tells you no and go pick up the book. These are not Twilight vampires, and the story and action are so much better!

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