Book Tag Thursdays: My Top Two Books From 6 Genres


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Today’s Topic: My Top Two Books From 6 Genres

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So for today’s tag I will pick two books from six different genres: dystopian, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, and historical as recommendations to you guys! Let’s go! (I’m going to try to recommend books that I haven’t talked about before.)



Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

Well everybody has heard about this book. And if you haven’t, “have you been living under a rock?” Anyways, a good trilogy and “Catching Fire” is absolutely my favorite out of all of them.


The Knife of Never Letting Go“- Patrick Ness

First book in the “Chaos Walking” series. I really love how unique the storyline is. It’s kind a mix of dystopian and adventure.



Jemina J” by Jane Green

A fun romantic comedy who is plus sized and decides to make over herself as she is tired of being treated as loser. Jemina is a fun and witty character.


Just Listen” by Sarah Desson

Sarah Desson is one of my favorite authors. This is one my top favorite books by her. She always seems to mix romance with morals in her novels. It’s a good book about the power of music and finding love.



Wicked Lovely” by Melissa Marr

I love this series and am currently still reading it. I love the balance of the real world with the fairy world. I also like how there is depth to types of fairies and how they specifically belong to courts (summer, winter, dark).


Some Girls Bite” by Chloe Neill

This series is fantastic and I’m currently reading it too! This is the first book of the series. It not only focuses on vampires in Chicago, but also includes other supernaturals such as shifters, fairies, sirens, and so much more!



Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley

A sci-fi classic! A weird dystopian favorite of mine where (Henry) Ford is a God and people are created in factories.


Uglies” by Scott Westerfield

A cool start to a series where our main protagonist, Tally Youngblood, is an ugly wants to become a pretty. Hover-boards exists in this novel’s universe and it’s pretty awesome!

Paranormal (kinda the same as fantasy, but whatever):


A Taste of the Nightlife“- Sarah Zettel

A fun series that mixes mystery, comedy, vampires, and culinary awesomeness! Charlotte, the main protagonist, runs a “nightlife” restaurant that is open at night and caters to the human and supernatural.

undead and unwed

Undead and Unwed” by Mary Janice Davidson

The first book in the “Undead Betsy” series. This is more on the romantic comedy side of vampire books. Betsy dies on her 30th birthday only to way up and discover she’s not only a vampire, but the “vampire queen”.



Things Fall Apart“by Chinua Achebe

A really good book I read back in high school English class. A classic about pre-colonial Nigeria and the changes it deals with in society with the arrival of European settlers. It’s actually a bit depressing, but good.


Number The Stars” by Lois Lowry

One of my picks from elementary school. This book, even though it’s meant for children, it’s so good!

Tag you’re it! What are your favorites from these genres? Leave your thoughts in the comments and also leave my a link back to your own post! 🙂

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