Top TV Shows Based Off of Books Pt.1

Sorry about the little hiatus last week! Things are getting pretty hectic towards the end of the year as I’m finishing final projects! Since I’m in the process of trying to find book related topics I though I’d mesh together some of my two favorite things: books and TV. Here is a list of current and older TV shows (I used to watch) that are based off my books. There are so many book TV shows out there I’m trying to catch up with them all.

1) Sherlock


Omg! Words can’t describe how much I love this show! I’ve seen all three seasons and I wish the fourth season was already here, but alas I’ll have to wait. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman do a terrific job with playing the characters of Watson and Holmes. There is always a great mystery to be solved in everyone episode and well as development in the characters. I have read some of the actual Sherlock stories from Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle, but never an entire Sherlock Holmes novel.

2) Game of Thrones


No spoilers please! I started watching Game of Thrones last year and only got through halfway of season one, so I have a lot to catch up upon. I love this show! The actors are great and the intense plot of treachery and deceit is fantastic.  I plan to finally start reading the first novel this summer. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the novel as well, so I can’t wait to read it!

3)Vampire Diaries



I actually had read the books before I watched the show. Currently I think I’ve finished only vol.1 of the series, but I did buy the rest of the novels. The show and the books themselves are almost completely separate. Elena in the books has blonde hair while in the TV show she’s a brunette. Also the chronology of events that happen are both are different and a lot of things happen in the novel that don’t play out from the TV show (what I’ve heard and seen so far). I’m still watching season one for right now, but I hope to get through as least seasons two and three this summer. I enjoy the acting/plot line of the show, plus the fact it doesn’t follow the books.

4) The Walking Dead


Zombies + post-apocalyptic +the horror factor = awesomeness. I’ve been watching the Walking Dead since season one and I just finished season four (that finale was intense!). I love watching anything with zombies when it comes to film and I also love to read zombie themed stories. The TV show doesn’t really follow the graphic novel very closely or chronologically, but some of the same events do happen. The artwork of the graphic novels is a little gory, but the detailing is pretty good. The thing I most like about The Walking Dead is that it’s not only a story about zombies, but it also a story of survival.

5) Orange is the New Black

orange-is-the-new-blackWatched this series last summer after hearing all the hype and I’m ready for season two to be here. Orange is the New Black is based on a novel, which I didn’t know,until I finished watching the show. I plan to read it soon. The plot line is really interesting as it follows Piper in a women’s prison and all the day-today antics she experiences and the wide variety of people she runs into. The series will make you laugh and cry.

6) True Blood

True-Blood-Season-3-CastI’m so behind on this on this show it’s not even funny. I think I only got about halfway through season two? I have all the books at my house, but I just haven’t gotten a chance to read them, since I keep getting distracted by other books. The love the variety of characters/actors that are in the show. I don’t have a particular favorite character though, it always changes.

7) Goosebumps

thGUR3W3X9This show used to completely freak me out when I was kid, but now that I’m grown up I see how cheesy (the graphics) really are. Oh 90s shows, how I miss you! I think I’ve read every book and seen majority of the episodes. Some of my favorite stories include: The Haunted Mask and Night of the Living Dead.


8) Saddle Club

saddle club season 1 horsesOkay… so I never actually read these books, but I did watch the TV show as a kid. I was never super into horses, but I think the friendship aspects of the story line is what pulled me in. I think I used to watch this on a Canadian TV channel if I recall (I spent my summer days at my grandma’s and she had no cable). I also liked the drama aspect and the fact that they sang catchy songs. Kind of like S Club 7 (anybody remember that show?)

9) Anne of Green Gables

anne_of_green_gables-showSo there are two adaptions for this show the live action adaptation (which I didn’t watch) and the animated version that came on PBS which I adored. Sad to say, I’ve actually never read the actual novel, but it’s on my book bucket list. This adaptation is was so fun and cheery, and Anne was such a klutz.

10) Little House on the Prairie

little-house-on-the-prairieI could watch this show over and over again and never get tired of it! I read majority of the books as kid and was so excited when I found there was a TV adaptations! The acting is great and I love the story line, even thought it doesn’t completely follow the books. Laura is definitely my favorite character.

What are your favorite TV shows based off books? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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