The Need To Complete My Goodreads Challenge & Read More Before The End of 2014

So it’s November…

Next month is December,  and I still haven’t really done as well as I wanted to reading wise. My Goodreads challenge for this year is 70 books. I’ve read fifty-four books, so that’s not too far away from reaching the goal, but my pace of reading & finishing books has slowed down drastically. Although I guess I have some *cough cough* legitimate reasons…

1) Reason #1: work

2) Reason #2: my student teaching practicum

3) Reason number #3: getting distracted by current TV shows I’m following, Netflix, and the deep dark pit the internet calls “YouTube”

So I have at least two legitimate reasons for not reading like I should be? But, now it’s crunch time, and I need to really get reading before time passes me by.

Although I’ve been reading some AWESOME books lately, I’ve kind of been in this reading funk. As much as I’d like to read as much as I can before the year ends, I also don’t want to be pressured and feel like I have to “rush” through books.

But this year has not been a total loss. I’ve lost some steam power in the last couple of months, but I did pretty well from the beginning of the year to mid/late summer season. I’ve been able to somewhat de-clutter my bookshelves and have carefully balanced the art of reading books on my shelves/long-lasting TBR list and new books reviewed by amazing bloggers on here. Thank you!

Yay me!

I’ve also joined some awesome review programs where I gotten to read some really cool books and review them on here. But I really want to start working balancing my reviews of newer and older books for this blog so there is more of a variety. Right now, I’m on a current reads binge, but I have some older books I really want to take the time to read.

There is also a couple of other reading challenges I have participated in this year for the first time. For the “Read Your Freebies” challenge I have read…zero books! Yikes! I’ve really got to hit my Kindle hard and start reading some of these e-books I’ve downloaded. As for the “Quick Fix” challenge, I chose to do the “paperclip level” of reading 15 books. So far so good, I only have 4 more books to read before I finish the challenge.

So what have I been doing lately besides student teaching (read my latest entry here) and working? For one, I’ve been catching up on TV. Besides watching, the OMG you have to watch this Korean drama, “Rooftop Prince” on Netflix, I’ve also been watching “American Horror Story” (Twisty the clown is wayyy freaky), “Sleepy Hollow” (in which Ichabod and Abby make the perfect supernatural fighting duo), “The Walking Dead”, and “Blackish” (which is hilarious).

I also just finished watching the amazingness that is called “Attack on Titan!” Me + AOT= mind blown.


That was literally one of the most flawless anime shows I have seen in a long time. I binge watched the show in an entire week, and now I’m sad that it’s over. 🙁 I need a second season!!! The immense detail in animation, voice acting (watched in Japanese with English subs), themes, characters, and character development were done well and the plot is so unique!

Before I finish this post, I just want to thank all you lovely people who read my blog. I really appreciate the likes, readership, and chatting with you in the comments and on my other social media platforms. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much to my subscribers and to all those new readers, “Hello!”.

What have you been reading lately? Are you participating in the Goodreads challenge or another reading challenge? If so, how have you done so far? Please comment below!

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