Slice of Life: Trip to Disney World & Universal Studios Part 1

Last month not only did I travel to Texas for RT15, but I also had the opportunity to travel to Disney World!


I spent seven days with some lovely friends from college as we conquered all four parks of Disney!

The first initial day was a busy one. We carpooled to the airport in the wee hours of morning and got on our flight to Orlando. I was scared to fly due to having tickets booked with Spirit airlines. I heard they had the worst reviews ever, but everything worked out smoothly and our flight was on time! After arriving and checking in to the resort, which was very lovely, we got settled and somewhat rested for our first real day of vacationing.

We spent the first day of park-going at the movie themed, Hollywood Studios!

As you can see from the pictures, the parks (each one we went to) were crowded because we got there on Memorial Day weekend. We spent the day going to shows, riding some of the thrill rides, shopping, and ended the day with the awesome show Fantasmic!

Since we arrived on Saturday, Sunday was Memorial Day. We figured the parks would be crowded being that it was a holiday so we decided to chill at the resort and then go out in the evening.

Later into the day we decided to hang out at Downtown Disney.We ended up shopping A LOT. It took a lot of self-restraint during the whole trip because I wanted to buy everything. Having a limited budget in this case, actually is a good thing.

We also hung out in Legoland (because “everything is awesome!”, dined at T-REX (the dino equivalent to the Rainforest Cafe), and enjoyed live music while partaking in a little bit of zumba!

The next day we headed out to Animal Kingdom, which was by the far the hottest day of the entire trip. The whole time we were there the temperature averaged around 90 degrees, something a Michigander like me is not used to. Though I knew Florida would be hot and humid, I would say the worst part was the sun, which was extremely intense. Michigan does get some sunshine, but for the most part, we have a lot of cloudy days. I could feel myself roasting like a hot potato as the sun’s ferocious rays beat down on me.


We started our day with one of my favorites at Animal Kingdom, the Kilimanjaro Safari. We got to snap a lot of good pictures of the animals, but sadly there were no lions in sight.

After that we headed towards Expediton Everest, which I had been excited to ride since I hadn’t got the chance to go the previous visit. I was a bit terrified, since I like roller coasters, but was afraid it was going to be too extreme. I ended up having a great time even though I was screaming my head off for the entirety of the ride. But I was glad I conquered it!

After getting refueled by lunch, we made our way to Dinoland, to ride Dinosaur! A Disney classic and one of my all time favorites!

We spent the rest of the day trekking through the park and looking at all the wildlife. We ended the day with The Lion King musical show! I highly recommend watching it as well as the Broadway show, if you get the chance to go.

And with that this concludes my overview of the first few days at Disney! Stay tuned to see the rest of my trip at Disney and my first time experience at Universal!

*All pictures except the gif were taken by me with my Android phone and Nikon camera

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