ARC Review: “Ever After” (Nantucket Brides #3) by Jude Deveraux

ever after

“Ever After” (Nantucket Brides #3) by Jude Deveraux (2015)

Release Date: June 23rd, 2015

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary

Page Length: 368 pages (ARC copy)


Ever After opens with physical therapist Hallie Hartley working overtime to take care of her spoiled stepsister, Shelly, after the untimely death of their parents. When she learns of a house on Nantucket bequeathed to her by a mysterious ancestor and Shelly’s plans to steal it, Hallie throws caution to the wind, taking on the house and a physical therapy client who comes with it―the handsome and troubled Jamie Taggert. Their mutual attraction is undeniable, but if they want to be together, they need answers first―why can’t Jamie sleep through the night without terrors and why was Hallie left the house in the first place?


Ever After is the first novel I’ve ever read in the Nantucket Brides series. It’s also the first book I’ve read by Deveraux. Although I hadn’t read any of the previous books in the series, I felt like the novel was easy enough to read like a standalone. It did feature some of the characters from the previous novels, but I never felt confused or overwhelmed.

There was a nice progression of romance between Hallie and Jamie throughout the course of the novel. Their relationship never felt rushed or was a “insta-love” kind of deal. They start out meeting each other as a physical therapist and patient, they become friends, and then they eventually develop a deeper relationship with one another. Hallie helps Jamie heal his physical wounds, but they both end up trying to help each other get over their emotional wounds that keeps holding them back in their lives.

I thought that the “haunted house” aspect of the plot was entertaining and definitely added a little spice to the story. I appreciated the great detail that was used to describe the landscape of Nantucket. It made me feel like I was looking at the blue waters of Cape Cod. All of the character’s were likable except for Hallie’s spoiled step-sister, but the characters I most enjoyed were Jamie’s family members. They were funny and it was interesting to see them play matchmaker with Hallie and Jamie.

Final Verdict:

A sweet contemporary romance, with fun characters and a lively story. I definitely want to read the other books in the series.

4 star rating


FTC Disclosure: I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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