Interesting Indies #2: Paperback Outlet

interesting indies

Hello readers! This is a segment where I spotlight my favorite local indie/used bookstores.


For the second edition of Interesting Indies I chose to highlight Paperback Outlet. Paperback Outlet is a small, full-service bookstore located in the Metro Detroit area. They offer new and used books and have an established reader’s group as well as hold author signings.

Though Paperback Outlet doesn’t buy back books, they have a really great trading program where you can bring in your books and get new ones in return! The store has been around for 30 years and I have enjoyed shopping there ever since I discovered this store. The owners are very friendly and courteous, so if you ever need help finding a specific book or a want some suggestions, ask away!


Another plus about this book shop is that they are pretty well stocked in every genre! They carry everything from Fantasy to Westerns. The biggest selections include Sci-fi, Romance, Fiction, and more! If they can’t find a book in stock, they make an effort to order it for you!

 And last, but not least if you’re a fan of Harlequin novels, this book store is a reading paradise! There are lots of titles to choose from!

Just make sure you have lots of time to look around, seeing as there’s a lot to choose from! I love that I always find a good book to read whenever I stop by!

Hope you enjoyed the second edition of Interesting Indies! To see the first post, click here! 🙂

*All pictures were taken by me with my Android phone with permission

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