Happy 4th Blogiversary to Me!

So recently I was notified by WordPress that I have hit my annual blogiversary milestone! Life of a Female Bibliophile turns 4 years old this year!


I cannot believe this blog is four years old! Looking back to when I started jogging down my bookish thoughts with you all, I can see that I’ve come a lot way. The blog has gone through little and minor changes along the way, but overall I’m really happy with where it’s at the moment.

I was somewhat afraid of sharing my thoughts through a blog, but I’m glad I took that leap of faith and decided to do so. Running a blog, is no easy task, but I can say every moment is truly worth it. I have readΒ some amazing (and not so good) books, got to participated inΒ blog tours, connected with authors, reviewed some ARCs, and so much more! The list could go on and on!


But in all of this, I couldn’t have done it without you, my awesome readers! I have met (and still continue to meet) so many amazing people in the blogosphere. I deeply thank each and every one of you for your readership and support. Whether if it’s liking a post, commenting, or even taking the time to view what I’ve written, I appreciate all of it.


I will continue to carry on with the blog in new and exciting ways, now that I’ve got a website. I’m looking forward to another year of blogging fun!

Thanks again! Love,

17 thoughts on “Happy 4th Blogiversary to Me!

  1. Aww happy blogiversary!!
    I’m glad to be a subscriber to you blog. I def love the content and like that we have similar interests.

    1. Aww thank you Amanda! I still can’t believe it been four years, it’s crazy. Your blog is wonderful and for being a newbie your blog is so well established too. πŸ™‚ You always have innovative content.

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