February Doki Doki Unboxing!

Doki Doki Crate is a monthly subscription box that runs at $30, ships worldwide and has free shipping! Each crate includes  5-7 practical items ranging from exclusive apparel to licensed collectibles, household goods, plushies and more from Japan.

Japan Crate also offera a few other subscription boxes too: a “Japan Crate” filled with various snacks/candy from Japan, a “Kira Kira Crate” filled with beauty Items from Japan, and a “Umai Crate” that has a variety of noodles (ex. noodles from udon to yakisoba, spaghetti, soba, and ramen). Lots of choices to choose from!

February’s box theme is “Made With Love” to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The box is filled with items to “warm your heart”.

What I Received

Pokemon Ecobag – Gotta catch’em all! I like using reusable eco bags instead of plastic since they are sturdier and less wasteful. I love the design on this bag because Pikachu is one of my favorites!

Pig Rice Bowl – Ahhh! So cute. This bowl is colorful and I think I will get use out of it.

Hello Kitty Chocolate Mold – I love all Hello Kitty items, but I’m not sure I would actually use this. I’ve always liked the idea of making homemade chocolate for fun, so I should give this a try.

Little Twin Stars Chocolate Box – I think this has a lovely design. It’s a good box to use if you are giving chocolates to your significant other or friend. Or maybe even a small box for keepsakes?

Mochi Plush – My favorite item out of the entire box! I got a “Koro Koro Panda” (which I have named Lucky).

Overall Thoughts

While I enjoyed the cute concept of this box, I felt it was a bit lackluster. I felt that it could have included additionally item because I know I could find items similar to these for a cheap price. It didn’t feel like I got my entire money’s worth. Out of all the items in the box I think I will really only enjoy the rice bowl, panda plushie, and ecobag. Perhaps the box could have been substituted for something else?

I look forward to subscribing to future boxes from Doki Doki Crate! But I will be taking a break from the boxes for a while. For more info about the subscription box visit: https://www.japancrate.com/dokidoki

What subscription boxes are you subscribed to or recommend? Comment below!

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