My Favorite Things: September Edition

My Favorite Things” is a monthly segment where I share my personal and current favorites in seasonal products, health & beauty, food, decor, movies, TV, and more. Hope you enjoy these personal picks!


Yamishibai -Season One

Synopsis: The mysterious, yellow-masked Storyteller is a man whose true name and origin are both unknown. He appears at dusk where children gather and recites sinister tales based on Japanese urban legends, to which his young audience eerily intakes. However, the Storyteller is no ordinary teller of tales. He incorporates a kamishibai, a traditional paper-scrolling device, to add visuals to his already demented narration.

I love horror movies and I was looking for some spooky anime to watch since Halloween is coming up. One of my co-workers recommended Yamishibai and I was not disappointed. Each episode is based on Japanese urban legends/folklore and only runs about four minutes long. Though the episodes are super short I still find they stories to be spine chilling. I usually don’t like horror shows that rely on jump-scares, but they felt genuine/well-placed along with the eerie music. I look forward to watching the other seasons of this show!

In Living Color

Synopsis: The Wayans siblings present an African-American focused sketch comedy show. Popular recurring sketches include Homey D. Clown, the Homeboy Shopping Network, Men on Film, and Great Moments in Black History.

I’ve started a re-watch binge session of In Living Color with my mom and it’s proving to be a lot of fun. Since I was little when it was initially aired, my only exposure to it was through re-runs in my later years. If you like comedy sketch shows such as SNL, MadTV, etc. then you’ll definitely enjoy this show. It always keeps me laughing until I’m in tears with variety of skits, plus I find it very relatable since it has a PoC focus. Whenever I’m feeling a bit down, this show always lifts my spirits!


The Mermaid

Synopsis: Shan, a mermaid, is sent to assassinate Xuan, a developer who threatens the ecosystem of her race, but ends up falling in love with him instead.

I had been hearing about this movie for a while now and finally decided to check it out. The Mermaid is a visually stunning, action-packed, comedic film. It’s super wacky and goofy, so it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The only downside to this movie is that I felt it was all over the place. Random things were thrown in the plot at times and it really threw off the pace of the story. I did like the acting from the two leads of the film as well as the actors that played the coven of mermaids. They were too funny with their witty banter and varying personalities.


Girl Front by Odd Eye (LOONA)

LOONA is an upcoming K-Pop girl group with some amazing pre-debut songs.  Each month, since October 2016 and lasting for 18 months, there is a new release of a single album or extended play, introducing a new member or sub-unit to the group. In 2018, with the project completed, all twelve members will debut as one group. What a cool concept! The sub-unit Odd Eye’s song Girl Front is energetic and bubbly plus the cinematography is beautiful with the scenic landscape shots. I’m going to have to keep my eye on this rookie group!

Love Like You by Charli Taft

Charli is terrific R&B singer from the UK. She’s written hits for K-Pop artists like Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, Taemin, LOONA, and more for the past four years and now she’s finally doing some solo work. All of her music is reminiscent of the 90s R&B style and I love it. Her vocals are very smooth and her newest release for SM station is my current jam!


Wick and Fable

If you all have been following me on Instagram, you might have seen my unboxing videos for some recent Wick and Fable. I’ve been wanting to order from their shop for a year or so and I’m so glad I did. Their candles smell amazing, the designs are gorgeous, and they burn really well. I think even with the cost of shipping included, I get my money’s worth!

Lauraloos Boutique

I’ve been looking for a book sleeve to carry my smaller paperbacks when I’m on the go and I decided upon this one from Lauraloos Boutique. It was not too pricey and the material of the sleeve is incredibly soft. The sushi design is so adorable and I love it! 😀

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What are some of your favorite things in September? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 🙂

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