Booktube Bites: Thug Notes

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Hi all! Booktube Bites will be a weekly segment in which I spotlight cool bookish videos on the internet. I will discuss some entertaining videos and Booktubers which you can check out. Feel free to participate as well, and send in your own recommendations of videos you would like spotlighted.

Today’s Booktube Bite: Thug Notes

Do you read Sparknotes or any kind of analyzing book summaries, but wish they were a bit more interesting and easier to understand? Then check out Thug Notes! Thug Notes is a contemporary twist on Sparknotes. Our “thuggish” host, Sparky, breaks down some of the most popular and notable pieces of literature (mainly, the classics) and in a very funny and entertaining way by keepin’ it real. First, he goes over the plot and then analyzes and talks about the themes, symbols, motifs presented in the novel. Thug Notes is not only hilarious, but you just might learn something new about your favorite novels.

Recommendations/Favorites: The Catcher in The Rye, The Scarlett Letter, Brave New World

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