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So today’s topic is actually a book tag that’s been going on around YouTube. It’s called “book sacrifice”. Basically the idea is in an apocalyptic (ex. zombies) type atmosphere/situation what book would you use to fight with. So, a book that you absolutely hated or just didn’t understand. I don’t want to be a rant so I’ll try to be constructive in my criticism as I can be. I promise my next post will be more awesome and less ranting. (I’m in the middle of finishing some books right now, so just wait. Or…maybe I’ll talk about a favorite series? Let me know in the comments, I need some feedback.)

I would like to cover more books, but I’m only going to talk about two of my personal picks.

Let’s get started!


Pride and Prejudice– Jane Austen

This book is supposed to be the best of British Romantic Lit and I can’t stand it. No offense to Jane Austen at all. Why? The book is painfully slow to develop and it takes for ever for Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth to stop being annoying and stupid to admit they like each other. Sure, that is the premise of the book; Mr.Darcy=pride and Elizabeth=prejudice. But does it have to take about 230 page s(an exaggeration, I’m  not sure of the exact page number) to stop being pricks and confess your love to one another?!!!  I had a hard time paying attention because it just felt like thing s weren’t even going at a moderate pace. I got lost in the dialogue as it was lengthy at times and a lot of the writing in spots felt like filler to me.

As for more modern fiction…

house of night series

House of Night Series – P.C.  Cast & Kristen Cast (Warning Spoilers from books 1-7!!!)

When I read the beginning the House of Night series I was pretty psyched! I loved the characters, setting, and unique story line. I also like that it took the idea of vampires and made into their own by having priestesses, the cool tattoo markings, goddesses, and all that other awesome stuff! And the reason this series is on my book sacrifice is not because I don’t like the books, but for the same reason as Pride and Prejudice, it drug out the whole Kalona (that evil fallen angel dude) mess for far too long. (No offense to these books as well) I became uninterested and decided not to read the books anymore so I stopped halfway through the series. Anyways, I like the writing of the novels as well as the character interactions and action scenes, but when Kalona’s evil doing spanned out through multiple novels, I decided enough was enough. Are we gonna kill this guy or what?! Instead of actually doing something about it, they were talking about what they were going to do the entire time.

So now, I pass the challenge on to you! What is your book sacrifice?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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