Bibliophile Problems: Confronting a Book Scoffer

So recently I watched this video by one of my newly favorite Booktubers: polandbananasBOOKS (her name is Christine). She brings up a pretty good topic in her newest video called “Book Scoffers”. A person most book readers and bibliophiles constantly run into from time to time. What is a book scoffer?

Well let’s try this scenario…. You’re sitting in a bookstore with your nose in a book either, outside in a park, at a coffee shop, or anywhere else public and then you are approached by someone who curiously, innocently asks you what your reading. Seems simple enough, but when you give your answer you run into complications….

As she states, and I know from experience as well too, there are three types of book scoffers:

  • A) “I don’t read books”
  • B) “I only read classic literature like Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird”
  • C) I’m kinda (not interested) in your book and give me the complicated task of explaining a book without sounding like a complete weirdo”

And it’s so true!!! First of all why of even trying to have a conversation with me if you don’t read books! WTH! I don’t wanna talk to you, you just came over here to piss me off.

Second of all, no judgement to the people who really do only like to read classic literature. If you love the classics, go for it, as long as your reading what you love it’s great. But then you get the people who sneer at you like they’re book reader elite a part of this secret club I don’t know about. I love to read the classics as well as contemporary books too! Just because its not someone’s main standards, doesn’t mean it’s not any good! Open your mind and explore when reading, you can’t be so close minded.

And then last but not least, when people ask me what the book is about. *silence* you could hear a pin drop in the room and I’m desperately trying to think of how to describe the book in a general way to make it appealing and not sound crazy. Cause I’m not going to lie, I read a lot of paranormal, dystopian universe-style fiction and the synopsis can be really weird sometimes.

So I start off and say something like there’s a human girl who can see faeries and tries to avoid them,but them the faerie summer king is intrigued by the girl. But like I said before, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the fairies. But then she gets feelings for the faeries summer king as well as her cute guy friend and then it turns into a love triangle. But the faerie winter queen loves the summer king and hates the human girl. So it causes all this a kind of war between the faerie kingdoms and politics and…. before I can finish I get the look…..

like this one:


And I’m like…


You knew what you were getting into when you asked me that question. I love it when I’m asked what I’m reading by someone who loves to read. It makes the conversation way easier and more fun. I also love when I’m in public and see someone reading a book I’ve read from one of my many, many favorite series. I immediately want to strike up a conversation with them about how they like it so far and what part they’re reading. Point of today’s topic: If you don’t like to read don’t feign interest and try to judge me by my book cover. And please stop comparing every book to Twilight! It’s stupid and a waste of my time.

Watch Christine’s original video here:


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