Book Review: “Slide” (Slide #1) by Jill Hathaway


“Slide” (Slide #1) by Jill Hathaway (2012)

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, YA

Page Length: 250 pages (hardcover edition)


Our main protagonist is the character Vee. Everyone thinks she is a narcoleptic, but in fact she doesn’t fall asleep. During her “sleeping” spells Vee actually slides into other people’s bodies, in the fact that she can see what they’re doing by their POV (point of view). Through these sliding experiences she ends up learning about people’s secrets such as cheating on tests, teachers drinking alcohol, and much more. All Vee wants is to stop sliding into other people’s bodies and actually get a good night’s sleep.

Then Vee sees something terrifying: the murder of one of her sister’s friends through the killer’s eyes. Everyone says the girl’s death is a suicide, but Vee knows the real truth. Vee decided to use her sliding “powers” to find the killer before it gets too late. She feels like she can’t trust her best friend, Rollins or the police. Will the case be solved in time?


This was a good, quick, and suspenseful YA read. At first the plot kind of reminded me of Wake by Lisa McMann, but I realized it was a bit different. The story line is unique and new. Vee, our main character, is kind of a outsider, and is vulnerable and strong at the same time. She is scared of sliding into others bodies for fear of what she might see, but she realizes how helpful it could be in solving the case.

The writing is nice and detailed and we get a good feel of the character’s physical descriptions as well as emotions. The writing also flows well and is consistent. It kept me on my toes and I like the build up of tension, mystery, and suspense as the story moves along. The novel has a bit of romance thrown in there, but not too much.

Final Verdict:

Great novel! I really enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Recommended if you like fast paced mystery, thriller style reads. 4 out of 5 stars.

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