15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 11

If you don’t already know by now this lovely challenge is provided by the blog, Good Books And Good Wine. Be sure to check it out!


Day 11: Show off 5 of your best blog posts!

Hmm.. my best five….*goes to look through past posts*

Okay here are what I think are my best five:

1) Libraries: Where Books Thrive

Not a super long post, but it gets the point across. Going to the libraries is very important to me and I’m really passionate about. It seems nowadays libraries are dying out and people aren’t supporting them like they used to. Libraries are not only important to people who love to read, but a strong positive influence in a communities, especially to kids.

2) Why Morganville Vampires is one of the best series ever!

Good post because, this is one of my top favorite paranormal/vampire series! I love the characters, setting, story line, just everything about these books. They are awesome!

3) What Happens When You Finish A Book?

Everyone can relate to this.

4) I Read 20 Books At A Time #IsThatWeird?

I like this post a lot because I talk about how I and other readers differentiate on the number of novels read at one time. It started a good discussion topic in the comments section too.

5) Too Many Books?!

I thought this one was one of my best because it talked about problems most readers run into; organizing a book collection and possibly having to give away books.

That’s all!

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