Book Review: “Greywalker” (Greywalker #1) by Kat Richardson

Hey guys, I’m back with a proper post. I’m excited to do my first book review. I just started this series last year, and I find that it sets itself apart from other series in its own unique way.  Today’s book review is on Greywalker by Kat Richardson. It’s book one in the Greywalker series (which currently has 6 books that have been released).


“Greywalker”- Kat Richardson (2009)

Genre: Paranormal, Sci-fi, Fantasy

Book Length: 368  pages (Paperback edition)


So here is the basic storyline: Harper Blaine is PI (Private Investigator) living in Seattle. After getting hit badly by a perp on a case, Harper dies for two minutes. As a result of this her life is changed forever because now she sees ghosts and attracts otherworldly business as she pops in and out of a shadowy overlapping world called “the grey”. “The grey” is a world that exists between this current world we live in and the next (kinda like a in-between of the human and ghost world). To help cope with her new-found, “ghostly filled” life, she gets assistance from Ben Danziger, a linguistics professor with knowledge about ghosts , and his wife, Mara, a witty Irish witch (also a college professor). Harper gets help from the couple while trying to balance her normal life, a potential love interest, and a powerful vampire.


I really enjoyed this book. It was a good introduction to the series, settings, and main characters without being too wordy/over explaining everything and it had good detail and action packed scenes. Our main character, Harper, is a sassy PI, despite her many new ghostly encounters. She is strong and manages to overcome various obstacles in the story and well as showing vulnerability of being afraid of “the grey”, but she doesn’t let it control her life. She has difficulty while using her powers to manipulate “the grey” (in the book she describes it as a kind of foggy web that she can step inside of; like a portal),but with the help of fun couple Ben and Mara Danzinger she eventually gets the hang of it.

I felt that the use of the concept “they grey” was clever and unique compared to the typical names/description of that “other dimension”. Richardson really makes it her own. The Grey is a complicated place and only a tiny bit is explained and shown throughout the first novel. I just finished the second book (which I will also probably review and Richardson goes into even more detail about its power and capabilities).  I also like that there are other supernatural forces besides ghosts in the series. We deal with Seattle section/precinct (I don’t really know what to call it) of vampires and the politics that go on with them. I absolutely love Mara (the witch). She is such a funny character, and brings a sunny disposition to the novel seeing as the tones in the setting are gray (as well as other dark colors) and  being set in rainy Seattle.

Overall, I give Greywalker a 4 out of 5 stars!

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