Adventures In ESL: Student Teaching Weeks 10-11

adventures in esl

The fifth edition of Adventures In ESL! Again, I hope you all enjoy these posts, and if you are a teacher or are learning how to teach (like me), please share some helpful tips on teaching methods, fun class activities, etc. They are appreciated. 🙂

*Note: This is an intermediate adult ESL (English as a Second Language Class). The course lasts over a period of 13 weeks and are held 2 days a week and are roughly 2 hours long each.

Week 10: Let’s Go Shopping

Tuesday’s class transitioned into the new unit based on shopping. It was actually the first class I felt unprepared for. Yes, I did have material to teach, but I had to suddenly change the direction of lesson overnight. I wanted to still continue with the unit on shopping, but the material and topics I originally chose to teach were way to easy and I had to adapt them to make it more challenging for my students. My class focused on the topic of goods vs. services. I had the students identify what types of stores of were goods and services and then give examples of things sold in the stores. I also had them work on a description writing exercise that they could work on in groups. It was a bit frustrating to change things at the last-minute, but I was able to adapt. I hoped I could come up with fresh good ideas for the new unit.

Thursday’s class transitioned into the topic of places we enjoyed to shop at, brand named products vs. no name products, and common expressions used when shopping. I got a lot more people to speak up in class that day, because I think the topic was more familiar to them. I started to teach them about possessive adjectives and pronouns for the grammar since I thought they could grasp that topic more than they would at the beginning of the semester. Some students struggled more than others and I had to use lots of examples to help them understand it better. We ended up spending part of two class periods going over it. I kept encouraging them to try even though they kept saying it was difficult. I know they improved from when they started class. I told them “I honestly wouldn’t teach you this if I know that you couldn’t do it.” I believe in them!

Week 11: Time Flies By…

Getting down to the final class days at this point, the days are passing by so fast! On Tuesday, I attempted to wrestle once again with the projector, that gave me a hard time. It was kind of uncooperative and I couldn’t even get it to properly connect to my computer. But the most important part was I was able to still use my listening comprehension exercise as planned. It turned out surprisingly well. I used some exercises I found off of YouTube and did them at a beginner and intermediate level. I think it gave them a good chance to hear natural English dialogue used in everyday situations. As for the grammar review of possessives (adjectives and pronouns), that went smoothly as well. Once, I had them work on gap fill worksheets I think they were able to get a better idea of how and when to use each type.

As for Thursday’s class not many students showed up due to the snowy weather. The students were a lot quieter in class so I wondered if I should change the course of my topic and activities. I wasn’t completely sure of whether the subject was too difficult, boring, or maybe they are just burnt out during the end of the semester (which all students experience). I do think they enjoy class discussions though because them seem more comfortable with speaking and I can genuinely see they are enjoying themselves. This class focused on shopping advertisements and identifying part of them. I gave them examples of ads from magazines first and them I had them come up with their own products using ad components. They came up with some pretty cool ideas!

Things learned:

  • It’s okay to feel out of control sometimes, things happen
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Do more listening comprehension exercises
  • Try to make a topic more relatable to a student, they will show more an interest in learning the material

That’s all! See you until for the last edition where I’ll talk about the last two weeks and my final reflections on this experience.

6 thoughts on “Adventures In ESL: Student Teaching Weeks 10-11

  1. this is really interesting!! So you are an ESL teacher? I’m interested in doing the same someday 🙂 if you do t mind my asking do you teach in a foreign country? That sounds like a lot of fun ^_^! Do you enjoy it so far? Sorry for all the questions I’m just interested 🙂

    1. I am taking a student teaching practicum so technically I’m still a student teacher. But I just received a TESL certificate so now I have some certification. I teach in America. And I love teaching! It’s a fun, challenging, and new experience.
      I’m glad you find these posts interesting. And ask away, I’m happy to answer your questions. 🙂

      1. That is cool :)! Teaching here or anywhere would definitely be an experience! I asked because I’m interested in teaching English over in Japan and I’m not sure how it would go. You teach Spanish? Sorry, my mind is blank right now I cant think of anymore questions ^_^” but I know I have a ton…. grr this is bothering me. When I remember them could I ask you?

          1. Oh gosh 😮 I meant to ask did you speak spanish. .. haha sorry. I knew you taught english, my bad. Spanish would be a cool language to learn 🙂 you want to teach in Japan too? Awesome 😀 my japanese teacher told me about the Jet Program which works with japan and ESL teachers :). Thank you :)!

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