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Hi All! Wonderful Writers is a weekly segment that comes out every Wednesday! Every week I spotlight and discuss one of my favorite authors, books by them, and talk about their writing styles and such. I hope you’ll enjoy. Feel free to participate as well by writing your own post and as always you are welcome to use the meme/pic if you’d like (just remember to credit me).


About: Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian writer, who primarily writes fantasy genre novels. Her first novel Bitten was  released in 2001. So far, she has published twenty-one fantasy novels some of which include the notable Women of the Otherworld series and her YA series, The Darkest Powers. She has also the author of three crime novels.

What I’ve Read (So Far):

  • The Darkest Powers Trilogy:
    • The Summoning
    • The Awakening
    • The Reckoning
  • The Darkness Rising Trilogy:
    • The Gathering
    • The Calling

Why She’s a Wonderful Writer:

Armstrong’s fantasy novels make you see the beauty of the supernatural. Her novels are set in these everyday, somewhat ordinary places, but have a cast of well-developed characters. Her supernatural characters come in all different shapes and sizes, and often include more than just the typical vampires or werewolves.

I also enjoy the mystery element in her novels. Even though the characters are already dealing with handling supernatural phenomena, there is always this element of mystery; a puzzle to solve and secrets to uncover. Even though I’ve only been exposed to her YA works, the Women of the Otherworld series sounds so intriguing and has been on my TBR list for a while.

Have you read any of Armstrong’s novels? If so, comment with your favorite book or series below.

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Writers: Kelley Armstrong

  1. Her Darkest Powers/Darkness Rising series is my favorite of all-time! I just love the characters and how AWESOME they are. Every single one feels unique and you just love to spent time with them. The Awakening is my favorite book (Chloe and Derek’s journey…). I have also read Omens in her Cainsville series. I recommend that one as well!

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