Warm Up This Holiday with a Hot Drink and a Good Book!

First off, sorry for the long hiatus!!! My computer just recently broke, and it’s been hard to get computer access. Plus finals are next week, so I’ve been really busy with studying and finishing final projects. I will resume regular segments and book reviews after my finals.

As the weather becomes colder, the days shorter, and the holidays arrive, nothing sounds better to a bibliophile than cozying up with a good book and a nice, hot drink. I am not only a fan of reading but am also an avid tea & coffee drinker! So I thought it would be a good idea to give  my own personal book recommendations matched up with my favorite hot drinks. Enjoy the picks!

peppermint tea   =  halfway-to-the-grave-lg

Peppermint Tea                                         Halfway to the Grave – Jeanine Frost

Peppermint tea is subtle at first taste, but then it quickly gives you that extra kick. It’s not only perfect for the holidays, but it’s pretty healthy too. I thought it matched up well with “Halfway to the Grave” by Jeanine Frost, because the main protagonist, Kat, is a fiery red-head and a bad-ass. This novel is the first in the Night Huntress series, and follows, Kat a half-vampire who’s on the road for vengeance to kill her father who ruined her mother and made her who she is. This series has got a bit of everything: romance, action, and suspense.

peppermint2_thumb  =  0610-9780778327899-bigw

Peppermint Mocha                                Vows, Vendettas, and a Little Black Dress – Kyra Davis

Peppermint mocha would have to be my top favorite drink to indulge in during the holidays. It’s got that delicious rich chocolate taste (almost like hot cocoa) and then adds in that yummy minty flavor! This drink goes great when reading a suspense mystery like “Vows,Vendettas, and a Little Black Dress” by Kyra Davis. This is the fifth book in the Sophie Katz murder mystery series. But if you haven’t gotten to read them at all you have to start with book #1: “Sex, Murder, and Double Latte”. In this book, Sophie’s friend Maryanne gets engaged, and Sophie is excited for the  upcoming wedding. But then Dena, her other best friend, is mysteriously shot just after the wedding announcement, so Sophie decides to take on the task of finding out who the shooter is.

6491f1d3b8e2f4998a8992003ee963ca    =   515CYeZP6GL

Salted Carmel Latte                          Bookends – Jane Green

Salted Caramel Lattes are also pretty delicious and have that perfect balance of sweet & salty in a coffee drink!  “Bookends” by Jane Green, is one of my favorite books by her. This book, like the latte, is sweet & salty because it deals with the ups & downs of friendship. In this story, Catherine and Simon are two best friends that are unlucky in love. They live in the same area with their friends Josh and Lucy, who are happily married. An old college friend comes to visit and shakes things up. How will the four’s friendship be affected?

honey vanilla   =  WNL

Honey Vanilla Chamomile                Wherever Nina Lies – Lynn Weingarten

Honey Vanilla Chamomile is a great blend of flavors, but is also a great tea for relaxing. You won’t able to put it down as you read “Wherever Nina Lies” by Lynn Weingarten. This book is a great YA suspense story in which our main protagonist, Ellie, has not given up on her sister after her two-year disappearance. She finds a mysterious drawing that will take her on a cross-country road trip with a cute stranger. This book was definitely a page turner and I couldn’t put it down. It had so many twists and turns that kept me guessing.

hotcocoalg   =   PaperTowns2009_6A

Hot Cocoa                                                Paper Towns – John Green

One of my top favorites is “Paper Towns” by John Green, and it goes great with a classic cup of hot chocolate. Our main protagonist is Quentin, who is in love with Margo. One day she pops up into his life and he follows her. The next day she’s gone, and Quentin learns that Margo is a complete mystery. He fins a set of clues left behind for him and it takes him on a journey. This a great read with some mystery mixed with a coming of age/finding yourself story.


green tea lemonsecret

Green Tea with Lemon                              The Secret Between Us– Barbara Delinsky

I love drinking hot green tea with lemon (and for a little extra flavor you can add a bit of honey, like I do). Green tea is not only relaxing, but also gives you that bit of energy to get you through the day. “The Secret Between Us” by Barbara Delinsky is a definite page turner and explores the bond between mother and daughter. Deborah (the mother) and Grace (the daughter) are driving home form a party and accidentally hits someone. Though Grace is behind the wheel, Deborah takes the blame for it.  How long can they hide the truth? This novel is a great thriller.

What are your favorite warm drinks to indulge in during the holidays? What are your book recommends? Let me know in the comments!

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