Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten Fandoms I’m In

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Doctor Who

 As I’ve grown older I’ve found that I’ve gotten into more Sci-Fi movies and TV shows and what really hooked me into Doctor Who is the action and adventure aspects (plus time travel). The characters are written so well and I love places The Doctor and his companions travel to. My favorite doctor is the 10th Doctor played by David Tenant, no other Doctor can beat his performance (for me).

K-Pop/ K-Dramas

I was introduced to K-pop though a foreign exchange student in high school and it’s filled up my music catalog ever since. I love the catchy beats, the intricate/fun choreography, and the colorful MVs. K-Pop has so many Western elements, so I guess that’s why I like it so much. As for K-dramas, I lean toward more of the romance genre and enjoy K-drama’s overall storytelling style. While it can be a little over-dramatic and too cheesy at times, it soothes the “romantic at heart” part of me.


I’m already a self-proclaimed bibliophile, so why not add “books” to this fandom list. I realize there a ton of sub-genre/series fandoms out there, but it would take too long to list all of them in a post. Plus I can’t even keep track of all of the bookish fandoms I’m apart of at the moment.


My love for all things Disney stretches far and wide! I’m a biggest fan of the Disney Renaissance movies that I grew up with in the 90s (think Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, The Little Mermaid), but I enjoy a lot of the movies, TV, and music that the company produces. Here’s few of my Disney favorites:  Movie – Aladdin,  Princess – Belle, Character – Stitch.


Anime is what sparked my initial interest in the culture and learning the language of Japan. Since being introduced to it in middle school by a good friend of mine, I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve always been a fan of animation, so I seewhy anime appeals to me so much! I’m a huge fan of the Studio Ghibli movies, my top favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle. My favorite manga is Kodocha (severely underrated, more people should know about it) m favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist. Anime can be fun and nonsensical, but also can have deep and profound themes.


“Carry on my wayward son!~” *sings loudly and way off-key* One of my favorite supernatural (see what I did there) and paranormal themed shows of all time is Supernatural. I’m currently on Season 7 (I know I’m way behind, so no spoilers please!). The writing is well done and I love Sam and Dean’s relationship as these ghost-busting, demon fighting brothers who always have each other’s backs.


Before K-Pop, I was only listening to J-Pop which I got into through Anime OSTs. Whether it’s cutesy idol group songs, electronic groups like Perfume (pictured above), or emotional ballads, I love them all! Out of all of my top artists, I always have Crystal Kay’s (amazing J-R&B/Pop singer) music on replay. When looking at J-dramas, I love Japan’s slice of life stories. Whether it’s a coming of age story or drama about the best of friendships I always find them to be refreshing and realistic. Plus they’re relatively short at 10-12 episodes.

Star Trek

Super new to this fandom, but I find myself become more invested in the series and buying the merchandise every day. Besides the classic series, I also enjoy watching The Next Generation (which is my second favorite). I love this show (the original series) so much and I really appreciate it since it had such  progressive civil rights stances for its time included one of television’s first multiracial casts. Nichelle Nichols as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura is the best! She’s such an awesome character.


I didn’t get into comics until I was older, and now I finally see what I’ve been missing out on. There are so many sub genres and stories to explore. A few of my faves: Superhero – Ms. Marvel  by G. Willow Wilson , Series – Saga by Brian K. Vaughn, Standalone – Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Technically, this movie falls under Disney, but my love for it is so immense that deserves it own category here. i own so much Nightmare Before Christmas merch it’s embarrassing! It’s my all-time favorite Tim Burton movie. The songs, the stop-motion animation, and the characters, it’s all so good!

What fandoms are you apart of? Do you collect any merchandise? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 😀

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten Fandoms I’m In

  1. I’m watching TNG for the first time this year (it’s my first-ever Star Trek experience) and I’m loving it. Apparently Whoopi Goldberg is on it in a recurring role because she wrote to them and asked for a part? Because Uhura was the only black woman she saw on TV as a child who wasn’t in service. Which is pretty depressing/amazing.

    1. I love TNG. Yes Whoopi is on it, and I love her character and so is Levar Burton who is my childhood fav (Reading Rainbow was my go to show back in the day). TNG is awesome!

  2. Yes to anime and Supernatural and books, of course.
    The theaters in my area are playing Studio Ghibli films every weekend so…I’m there every weekend catching up. I once thought I’d never seen a Miyazaki film before, but I’ve seen parts of Kiki’s Delivery Service and Ponyo, if both are by him.
    And I’m way behind on Supernatural too. I keep on starting over. I love that show so much. It got me into rock music.

    1. That’s great! I believe I saw somewhere that theaters (in the US) are going to be hosting a Studio Ghibli fest? So that would be exciting. Me and some coworkers just saw Princess Mononoke on the big screen a couple of months ago and we loved it. And yes, Ponyo and Kiki are both Miyazaki films.

      1. Oh and yea, I believe it’s a festival of some kind. They have it every year, I think, where they feature all the films in the theatres on weekends.

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