Tea Review: Buddha Blend

Hello everyone! I thought I would kick off the week with something a little different! Since I’m such an avid tea drinker I think I’ll be doing more tea reviews in the future.

Today’s tea review is the”Buddha Blend” tea by David’s Tea. This was part of my bookish secret Santa gift I received for Christmas, so I was super excited to try it.


Buddha Blend” caffeine free loose leaf tea. It’s ingredients include: white tea, green tea, jasmine pearls, and white hibiscus. Upon opening the tea bag, I smelled the pleasant aroma of jasmine, hibiscus, and the mixture of tea blends. The scent slightly reminded me of some of my favorite chamomile teas and some I knew this tea was going to be a keeper.

Upon initial pour, the tea had a light honey color, and I could immediately smell the calming and light blends mixed within the tea.



The bag says to let the tea steep at 4-5 minutes, but I let mine steep for about 7 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend steeping it any longer than that.

And tada, the results!


The color doesn’t change too much, but it does become more of a golden honey shade.

I  thoroughly enjoyed this tea a lot! It’s very light, and it’s great for drinking when you want to cuddle up with a good book, relax, or want a drink to wind down from the day’s events. I did end up drinking this tea with a bit of honey and sugar rather than drinking it unsweetened. I would recommend adding honey to bring out more of the flavor since it’s such a light tea, however, if you’re drinking this with sweets or a light snack then it’s not really needed.

Recommended for people who enjoy green and white tea blends or just want a light tea to relax. What teas having you been drinking lately? Comment below.

*All pictures taken with my Android phone by me

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