Some Blog Changes!

Hello everyone! I wanted to take some time let you know about some upcoming and new changes to my blog. I think I and other bloggers feel that blogging is a constant changing process; whether its changing the layout or figuring out what features work.

I’ve only been blogging for almost two years now (my blogging anniversary should be coming up soon) and still fairly new among others blogs, so I’m always trying to figure new and & exciting ways to spice up my blog. I also want to take this time to thank new and old followers for checking out my blog and conversing with me on the internet book universe. I  really appreciate your support! 😀

Here are some of the changes I’m making to my blog…

Rating system:

For the most part my five-star rating system will stay the same. But now you’ll see cool graphics like this…

5 star rating


As you all know, most of what I review on here is YA fiction. Since I do read lots of genres and styles of books, you’ll be seeing more diverse reviews. Don’t worry! I’m not completely getting rid of YA reviews, but in-between those reviews you’ll also see me talk about adult, middle-grade, multicultural books, and so much more!

Current Segments:

Most of my current segments will be staying on a weekly basis. But Book Tag Thursdays are making the switch to a bi-weekly status in order to allow for more content.

New Features:

– E-Book Reviews

In order, to push myself and take the initiative to read the books that currently overflowing my e-reader, I’ll be doing e-book reviews at the end of every month. Each post will include 2-3 mini-reviews of e-books I’ve read for that month.

– What I’m Listening To…

A new segment where I’ve been featuring new and old music I love to listen to. The playlists are compiled of five different songs based on topics such as the seasons, holidays, genre, and mood.

– More Recommendation Lists

I’m also going to try to compile recommendation lists of books/bookish things based on the current holiday/celebration/season at least once a month. I had a lot of fun creating lists before, and I’d like to continue doing this.

Social Media Links:

Here is some shameless self-promotion of my social media sites. Feel free to chat with me about books on theses sites as well.





I hope you enjoy these new features! And thanks again for reading my blog! 😀


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