Slice of Life: Trip To A Cider Mill!

In accordance with all things fall, last weekend my mom and I took a trip to a local cider mill! What better way to celebrate fall than to eat apples, drink tasty cider, and eat delicious doughnuts!

Franklin Cider Mill

We visited Franklin Cider Mill located in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The mill was completed in 1837, the same year in which Michigan gained its statehood. The mill offers many apple flavored food and drink, yummy doughnuts, other types of food (such as hot dogs and corn), as well as live music. Though it was quite busy (it being the weekend)…

A bit crowded here in one spot, but inside the mill space is even tighter.

But even though it was crowded, being surrounded by the beautifully colored fall trees and a soothing little creek, made it seem serene and peaceful. It felt really nice outside weather-wise and the temperature was about 65 degrees.

Hi ducks!

Upon arrival we browsed through the various food booths, while trying to fend for ourselves, as there were many angry bees swarming around the mill (they’re probably just mad they didn’t get any cider). While browsing and deciding which treats to buy, I had to fight the temptation to buy twenty different kinds of apple butter/flavored jelly (it looked so good!).

Buy all the jams! (This isn’t even a quarter of what they had in stock)

Then it was off to buy cider! We ended up purchasing some doughnuts, apple cider, and two types of apple bread. Seeing as we couldn’t enjoy the food outside (angry bees) we went to drop off the stuff in the car.  We then headed back to relax by the stream for a while and just enjoyed being outside.

More ducks! They seem to be saying: “Feed Me Humans!”

After that we went to purchase some snacks to eat. We ended up getting this jumbo hot dogs that were marinated in apple juice. Sounds a bit weird right? But it was delicious!

And that’s all! Hope you enjoyed my adventure! Enjoy some more pictures from my cider mill trip in the slide show below.

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Have you been to a cider mill this fall? What is something you do every fall? Do you go apple picking, to cider mills, on hayrides? Comment below! 😀



7 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Trip To A Cider Mill!

  1. Oh wow this makes me crave fresh pressed cider. There’s a historical re-enactment village in my state that has the sort of press the early settlers would have used. It’s so fun to watch them (and taste it) but the bees and wasps go absolutely crazy. i love seeing that your local autumn sites draw such a crowd.

    1. That sounds awesome Sarah, I’ve never seen a historic apple press, from the olden days before. Yeah the trees/ autumn views in Michigan are quite lovely. Traverse City is one of my favorite places to travel to see autumn tress.

  2. This post makes me wish I lived somewhere where Fall is an actual season 🙁
    By the way, I tagged you in a post I did (Oct 29) Hope you do it 🙂
    Oh and could you subscribe to my Youtube channel? Books and Paint Flourish is my username. It’s got lots of book related stuff you might like 🙂

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