Reading Recommendations: Spooktastic Reads!

It’s that time of the year again where horror films reign, kids go trick or treating, and candy is everywhere! Since Halloween is coming up later this month, I’ve compiled a list of creepy novels to satisfy your horror cravings. Each book has its own horror rating, from one to three ghosts:


Enjoy these spooky tales to fill your night with fright!


Afterlife with Archie takes a Night of the Living Dead spin on the beloved classic series. When Jughead, tries to resurrect his dog, a strange occurrence happens and the citizens of Riverdale are left to fight off the vicious and terrifying undead. This is a great zombie story and the gory and graphic artwork is spine chilling!


One of my favorite manga series ever! Bizenghast follows a girl who uncovers a terrifying collection of lost souls and is forced with the task of returning each night to an ancient mausoleum to free the ghosts within the building. I love the Gothic artwork style and subtle horror aspects of this series. It’s got a mixture of suspense, romance, mystery, and action. The artwork can be beautiful but a bit grotesque at times.


Spook Lights is that this is an amazing collection of Gothic horror stories!  I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle style of Gothic horror and how each story’s suspense slowly creeps up on you. The stories vary from retellings, folktales, and urban myths. While some stories are pretty low in the creepy factor, others escalate quickly. There are lots of things that go “bump in the night” in these crafted tales.


In The Grave Artist 16-year-old Clare can’t stop drawing the bizarre, winged skulls she calls “Sammies”.  As she digs deeper into the mysteries surrounding her drawings and mysteries she uncovers a secret past. This YA thriller novel has great attention to detail and solving the mystery keeps readers on their toes.


This is a great start to the Exorsistah series! While it’s not very scary, it’s a book that’s full of action and mystery. Emme the main character, is fantastic and her fierce and sassy nature will keep readers entertained. On top of the supernatural happenings there are many comedic moments in this series, and the overall plot of a teenager trying to find her place in the world is relatable.


Last, but not least Emily Carroll’s tales in Through the Woods range from light thrillers to down right terror. Her attention to detail in the creepy and beautiful artwork add to the stories keeping her readers engrossed, but also puts them on edge. Each story gets creepier as you read along, and I like how Carroll relies on heavy suspense to add to the spook factor.

Do you have any “Spooktastic Reads” you’ll be reading for Halloween? Do you have any recommendations to share? Comment below!

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