2015 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge


Book Riot Read Harder Challenge: The goal of this challenge is to read more diversely.

A book written by someone when they were under the age of 25

A book written by someone when they were under the age of 65

A collection of short stories (either by one person or anthology by many people): “Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat

A book published by an indie press: “Stella Rose” by Tammy Flanders Hetrick

A book by or about someone that identifies as LGBTQ

A book by a person whose gender is different from your own:Afterworlds” by Scott Westerfield

A book that takes place in Asia: “Confessions” by Kanae Minato

A book by an author from Africa

A book that is by or about someone from an indigenous culture (Native Americans, Aboriginals, etc)

A microhistory

A YA Novel: “Raven” (Chronicles of Steele #1) by Pauline Creeden

Sci-fi Novel: “The Phoenix Shadow” (Arcadian Wars #2) by M.H. Soars

A Romance Novel: “Ever After” (Nantucket Brides #3) – Jude Deveraux

A National Book Award, Man Booker Prize or Pulitzer Prize winner from the last decade

A book that is a retelling of a classic story (fairy tale, Shakespearean play, classic, etc.): “Princess of Thorns” by Stacey Jay

An audiobook

A collection of poetry

A book that someone else has recommended to you: “No-where but Here” by Kate McGarry

A book that was originally published in another language: “The Little Paris Bookshop” – Nina George

A graphic novel, a graphic memoir or a collection of comics of any kind: “Peanut” by Ayun Halliday & Paul Hoppe

A book that you would consider a guilty pleasure (Read, and then realize that good entertainment is nothing to feel guilty over)

A book published before 1850

A book published this year: “The Art of Deception: Undoing Time” by Alyssa Richards

A self-improvement book (can be traditionally or non-traditionally considered “self improvement”): “Modern Manners” by Dorthea Johnson & Liv Tyler

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