My Top 5 Reads for Halloween!


Hey readers! So this post seems a little late, but you know how the saying goes: “better late than never”. Halloween, my second favorite holiday of all time (Christmas is my first), is around the corner. So far I don’t have any plans yet seeing as I’m loaded down with school and work, but maybe the tables will turn. I decided to share with you my top five reads for Halloween. All these books are just a slim picking of my all-time favorites, I really hope you enjoy the list!

1) Edgar Allen Poe (Complete Poems & Stories)


What better to get in the mood for Halloween with some Poe stories? Poe is one my top favorites for classic horror. His detailed writing is full of suspense, mystery, and creepy things that go bump in the night. My favorite stories are “The Raven: and “The Monkey’s Paw”.


2) Frankenstein – Mary Shelly


Another well-known classic that established a popular monster figure. “Frankenstein” is a great Gothic thriller with suspense, romance, and lots of action. It’s a must read for fans of horror.


3) The Devouring – Simon Holt


The Devouring is book one in the Devouring series (a trilogy). The story’s main character is Reggie, a teenager who reads about the “Vours” in an old journal. She thinks they are a myth, but little does she know they are real and terrifying! They bring soon bring Reggie’s and others fears to real life. Will she save everyone in time? A good suspenseful read.


4) Ghostgirl – Tonya Hurley


“Ghostgirl” is a fun start to a trilogy of great books. Charlotte, a sort of nobody in high school, dies from choking on a gummy bear (pretty embarrassing, right?). We get to follow Charlotte as she processes her death and learns to fit in the afterlife in dead ed (education). Really great, enjoyable series with a lot of funny moments and some romance.


5) Bloodline – Kate Cary

Kate Cary - Bloodline

Book one of two, “Bloodline” is a horror story about vampires. Set after World War I our main protagonist is John Shaw. He is haunted by nightmares of the war and his former commander Quincy Harker. When Quincy starts to woo John’s sister, he begins to learn the truth and has to stop Quincy from continuing Dracula’s bloodline.


Theses are my top five reading picks for Halloween. What are your picks? Are you reading a cool horror novel for Halloween? Let me know!

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