My Favorite Things: June Edition

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My Favorite Things” is a segment where I’ll share my personal and current favorites in seasonal products, health & beauty, food, decor, movies, TV, and more. Hope you enjoy these personal picks!


Love & Friendship


Love & Friendship is a romantic comedy film based on Jane Austen’s novel Lady Susan. The film stars Kate Beckinsale, Chloë Sevigny, Xavier Samuel, and Stephen Fry. Set in the 18th century, the seductive and manipulative Lady Susan (Beckinsale) uses devious tactics to win the heart of the eligible Reginald De Courcy (Samuel).

I got advance screening tickets to see this movie before it was released and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing is solid, the story is entertaining, and the dialogue is witty. I haven’t experienced any other story from Austen besides Pride & Prejudice, and I ended up liking this adaptation of Lady Susan far better. The only complaint I have is that it was very slow-paced in the beginning part and it made it hard to grab my attention from the start. Other than that complaint, it was such a good film!

The Conjuring 2


The Conjuring 2 the sequel to the 2013 film, The Conjuring. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles as paranormal investigators and authors, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The film follows the Warrens as they travel to England to assist the Hodgson family, who are experiencing poltergeist activity at their Brimsdown, Enfield council house in 1977.

I love horror films, so I was very excited to see this film. I really enjoyed the first film and I was curious to see how the sequel would turn out. First off, James Wan is a genius! I feel like he is one of the best horror directors of today and that his films don’t rely cheap scares, but rather he creates a eerie story and then builds upon the tension as the plot progresses. The acting was superb and the scare factor was high. I felt that the first film was still the was still better, but it was hard to compare the two, because the stories are a bit different. If you enjoy horror movies this is a must see.


My Love From Another Star

my love from another star

My Love From Another Star is South Korean drama about an alien who landed on Earth in the Joseon Dynasty and, 400 years later, falls in love with a top actress in the modern era. Being that this show was such a phenomenon and that it was recommended so many times I decided that I finally had to watch this show. And I now I finally see why there’s such a big hype surrounding this show. I’m only four episodes in and already I’ve ended up like this…


It’s great! The acting is good overall and so far, I’m really enjoying  seeing the romantic chemistry play out between the characters. Another bonus is that is has Yoo In-na as a supporting main character. I’ve enjoyed her work in the previous dramas The Greatest Love and Secret Garden. It’s got a good mix of action, melodrama, and romance so I’m intrigued to how the story will play out over the next twenty or so episodes.


Endless Weekend Body Mist by Bath & Body Works

Endless Weekend

A fragrance I’ve been using a lot of recently is the Endless Weekend Body Mist by Bath & Body Works. It’s a fun   blend of raspberry lychee sorbet, sun-kissed magnolia and vanilla sandalwood. It’s a light scent that’s not too strong, and it’s perfect for summer!

Natural Cottage Soaps


The Natural Cottage makes handcrafted batches of soaps, lotions, gifts and bath aids. I attended a local art fair and was able to get my hands a couple of these amazing soaps. They come in a variety of scents, look beautiful, and best of all they are gentle on the skin. They are very moisturizing soaps!




In, late May I went to visit my friend Stephanie from Life’s a Cup of Tea in Chicago and we went on a shopping extravaganza. I was able to visit the store, Uniqlo, for the first time and I immediately fell in love with it. The prices are affordable, the clothing is stylish and fun, and there are lots of options to choose from. The Chicago location had two floors! Needless to say, I was shopping in there for quite a bit of time and came away from the trip with some great buys.


Hamilton: An American Musical Soundtrack

Hamilton Soundtrack

Even though I haven’t gotten the chance to see Hamilton on Broadway (yet), this gif properly sums up my feelings about the soundtrack.


Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius! I’ve seen his musical and In The Heights, and ever since that I’ve been a fan of his work. I’ve been listening to this soundtrack non-stop and I love the lyrics of the songs is fantastic. The music is catchy and it makes me dance!

Girlfriend by Nao


Recently, I discovered Nao on the internet while looking for new music. She is a British singer-songwriter from East London and her music is a fusion of electronic music, funk and R&B. Her song Girlfriendoff of her debut album is such a chill song. I highly recommend her music!

Free Somebody by Luna


Luna from one of my favorite K-pop girl groups, f(x),  made her recent solo debut with the song/EP Free Somebody. She is the main vocalist and lead dancer of f(x) and I’m glad she’s getting some solo time in the spotlight. Free Somebody is a fun dance anthem and the visuals for the MV are so cool. This is definitely on my list of top summer songs.

And that concludes “My Favorite Things” for June! What are some of your favorite things for this month? Comment below! :)

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: June Edition

  1. Um it’s only Tuesday but I think you just saved my week by introducing me to Lady Susan..How have I not heard of it before???? I literally want to go out and watch it right now.
    And omigosh I heard the Conjuring 2 was good! I watched the first one and really liked it even though I didn’t think it was that scary. It was super well-made for a horror movie though. Everytime I see an ad for The Purge, I just want to shake my head with disappointment lol
    And it’s funny because four episodes in I quit My Love From Another Star LOL
    And I listened to Free Somebody after reading this post and it’s really catchy! :3

    1. I hope you enjoy Lady Susan if you get a chance to watch it. And you should definitely watch The Conjuring 2, it was fantastic! The Purge (the first movie) was actually decent and the rest are crappy. I’m glad you like “Free Somebody”, and why did you stop watching “My Love From Another Star”?

    1. I completely understand. I’m not a huge Austen reader so I think the film adaptations are more to my liking. But then again this film (I thought while watching the movie) has a certain audience because it tends to drag a bit in certain parts.

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