My Favorite Things 2016: Music

For the last post in 2016 wrap-up segments I’ll be talking about my favorite albums, new favorite artist of the past year. Narrowing down music into compilation posts is always a daunting task for me since I listen to a wide variety of music on a daily basis. I saw some favorites comeback strong with fantastic new music and new artists that outshone the old. There also was a lot of loss in the music community after the death of Prince, David Bowie, among many legendary greats. May they now rest in peace.

Here’s a list of some of my 2016 favorites in music (albums only, because listing this by songs would be way too long of a post). Enjoy!

Thank You by Meghan Trainor


Thank You is a strong follow-up to her debut album. I really like how Megan stuck to some of her doo-wop pop vibes of the first album, but also experiments with new sounds. With No Megan gives off the 90’s pop anthem feel, and in the song Dance Like Yo Daddy she shows off a funky sound. There’s a song on her for everyone. I felt like I got to hear more of her vocal range in these tracks and it showcased her voice well.

Melting by Mamamoo


This is a girl group that’s been working hard since their debut and it’s a combination of their fun personalities, pop/soul music, and their incredible vocal talents that makes the group stand out among the rest. I enjoyed every single track on this album from start to finish! From their personal Hometown song that reflects on childhood memories to 1cm, a song where they poke fun at each others heights, it’s a good mix of tracks. They manage to keep their original sound while also trying out new concepts.

24k Magic by Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars is finally back with a new album. Though I haven’t listened to the entire album, I’ve heard enough tracks to enjoy it as a whole. It has an overall 90s feel and it’s full of danceable party songs, heartbreak ballads, and slow jams. For the most part, Bruno kind of sticks to his original sound and I’m okay with that seeing as that’s what he does best: funky, old-school type R&B/Pop.

A Pentatonix Christmas by Pentatonix


I always get excited when Pentatonix releases a new album, especially when it’s Christmas themed. This newest album features holiday classics such as Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, but even more original songs such as Good to Be Bad. I’m glad to see the group branch out from doing cover and writing more original music. Their vocals never cease to amaze me. I heard that Mitch and Scott (Superfruit) will be releasing their own originals as a duo so I’m looking forward to that in 2017.

Seoulite by Lee Hi


After a three-year hiatus, Lee Hi graced the music world her first full-length album title Seoulite. In true Lee Hi fashion, she sticks to her jazzy R&B style that is true to her soulful vocals. Though some songs were a hit or miss for me, I still enjoyed this album as a whole. Lee Hi’s vocals are very unique and the emotion and soul she exudes in her songs makes her stand out. I also liked the collaborations on this album.

Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande put out a solid album this year. Most of the album is Pop and R&B, but I though it was cool that she added some reggae vibes with Side to Side. Her vocals are pretty much the same (I didn’t see much of a difference from the past album) and I like that the album is a good balance of dance music and ballads. Her music is fun and energetic, so it always ends up on my workout playlist.

Hamilton: An American Musical

Hamilton Soundtrack

Okay, technically the Hamilton soundtrack was released in 2015, but I didn’t jump on the bandwagon until 2016. This is probably my number one album of the year! Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius by weaving catchy lyrics, hip-hop music, history all together in one musical. I love all the songs and story that’s told. Hopefully, I’ll get to see the show live one day!

Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya


Daya’s first album can best be described as electronic meets bubblegum pop. It’s got lots of light-hearted and upbeat songs with some slow songs. Though I don’t think she’s the strongest vocalist, she can sing very well (shows in her live performances). I also appreciate that a lot of her songs feature female empowerment themes.

FMA by Grace


This Australian singer and songwriter is best known for  the breakout song You Don’t Own Me featuring G-Eazy. She’s another fantastic pop/soul singer I’ll have to keep an eye on. I love her smooth vocals that have sort of raspy feel to them. Besides the breakout song that’s featured on her debut album, there a lot of good songs with a signature brass sound and overall calming feel.

What were your music favorites in 2016? Are there any albums, debuts, or songs that you constantly had on repeat? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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