What I’m Listening To… Walking on Sunshine

Hello readers! I love listening to music of all genres on a daily basis. I can’t go a day without popping on some headphones and listening to some upbeat tunes while I dance around my room or relax from a long day by listening to calming songs. In this blog post series I’ll be sharing some of my favorite song picks with you in a mini-playlist of five songs.

In this month’s playlist, I’ve curated a list of five songs that are sure brighten your spirits. Since summer has so many lovely days (despite its tendency to be really hot) I picked the theme of “Walking on Sunshine”. Here are some uplifting songs about sunny days and happiness. Enjoy! 🙂

1)Pocketful of Sunshine– Natasha Bedingfield

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this song. The lyrics are pretty much self-explanatory, but I love the song’s catchy beat and melody make me so happy. Every time I listen to Pocketful of Sunshine, it always turns into a mini-karaoke session for me.

2) You Are The Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder & Ella Fitzgerald

If you are a fan of jazz music, I highly recommend this album. This song is my favorite track and a lovely duet between Ella and Stevie. To hear these two legends come together and perform is an amazing listening experience. Plus their voices blend together so well.

3) Running on Sunshine by Jesus Jackson

For my third pick, I chose this song from one of the many Grey’s Anatomy OSTs (they are so good). It’s got a mellow sound, but still has a beat that you can bop your head to the music with. I like the soulful vocals in this song a lot! This song talks about how a person is running on sunshine due to being in love.

4) Sunshine by SISTAR

One of my favorite tracks from the (recently disbanded) K-Pop group is Sunshine. It’s an amazing summer song and it has a great beat that you can dance along to. The lyrics talk about being in love and how that special someone is their “sunshine” that they want to be with. The vocals and rapping blend together perfectly on this track.

5) Sunshine on My Shoulders by John Denver

At the end of my playlist, is a smooth pop song with a relaxing sound. This is one of my favorite songs from the 70s and I love the acoustic guitar melody. The song talks about how good the sunshine makes people feel.

That concludes my music picks for songs about sunshine! Hope you enjoyed this playlist. Comment below and let me know what are your own personal song picks. 🙂

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