How to Ace a Book Sale

If you love to buy books at a good, reasonable price like me then you might have shopped at your local( used) book sale in your community. Book sales are located all over and if you know just where to shop you’ll find some great reads to take back home. Here are some tips to help you navigate/ace a book sale!

1) Find a book sale

Usually your local library has book sales periodically. But if you want to look outside that realm then try this website: You can find all the book sales happening in your state and some parts of Canada (if you live outside the US). Sadly this specific site isn’t international, but there are tons of site like these out there! (Go search the interwebs)

2) Prepare yourself

Okay, so now you’ve found a book sale and you’re excited for the wonders it might behold! Set a budget for yourself so you don’t over spend on books like you usually do. Have some titles written down on a sheet of paper if you’re looking for a specific book. Figure out the date and time so you won’t miss the sale.

3) Arrive early

Yay, I’m the first one here!

Early bird gets the worm. Simple enough. If you come later, its possible all the books you were looking for might be taken or books you might have been interested in will be picked over and all that’s left are books nobody wants to read.

4) Navigate the Aisles

Go for the sections of your favorite genres to find random cool picks and pick up books your specifically looking for. Then after you’ve accomplished that, do a general browse through the rest of the book sale. If you find a good book, but are still unsure of if you want to buy it, put it in the cart anyway (80% chance you’ll buy it at the checkout if you already haven’t maxed out your budget). If you put the book back and decide to get it then, it might not be there when you come back.

5) You’re Done!

Yay! You successfully navigated through the book sale and have managed to grab some good books!

What are your own tips for shopping at book sales? Leave your suggestions in the comments! 🙂

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