My Favorite Things: October Edition

My Favorite Things” is a monthly segment where I share my personal and current favorites in seasonal products, health & beauty, food, decor, movies, TV, and more. Hope you enjoy these personal picks!


American Horror Story: Roanoke

Synopsis: sented as a paranormal documentary series titled My Roanoke Nightmare, the story follows a married couple whose experiences are reenacted by actors. Shelby and Matt Miller  move from Los Angeles,to a house in North Carolina following a brutal assault. As soon as the couple settles into their new home, set on Roanoke Island, strange and paranormal occurrences begin to haunt them and Matt’s sister, Lee Harris.

Woo boy! This season was a doozy, but well-written. With its premise of a show about a show, it sometimes gave viewers the inception vibe, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.Roanoke comes in a my third favorite season of all the AHS seasons. It was scary, intense, and the actors/actress played their parts well. I loved the build up suspense and watching the mystery of the house unravel through each episode.

Thank You

Synopsis: When Dr. Min Ki Seo’s girlfriend develops pancreatic cancer and dies suddenly, he can not bear to continue with his career. Worried about his well-being, his mother sends him to work on a small island.

This drama was slow-moving and a bit overly cheesy in first couple of episodes, but then I grew to love the characters and the overall plot. It’s by no means a happy story since it filled with sadness and heartbreak, but there are still many uplifting and heartwarming moments. The show is part medical drama and slice-of-life drama, which seems to balance everything out. The only compliant about this drama is that it tended to become repetitive and characters kept falling back into their old ways which was infuriating. But I still recommend it.


Adam Ruins Everything

Synopsis: The series aims to shine light on popular false impressions and trends, debunking false ideas that pervade American society.

I love shows that debunk things and Adam Ruins Everything is one of my favorites. It’s funny, informative, and eye-opening to variety of topics from the economy to legends of the Wild West. I always learn something new when I watch this show. Another thing that I like is that is has real-life experts/sources they use to back up their claims on each subject.

The Great Horror Family

Synopsis: The Imawano family moves into a new house which has a reputation for being haunted. On the very day they move in the grandfather, Fuchio, dies leaving behind his wife, his daughter, her husband and their two kids. That night the grandson Kiyoshi is sent a note from Fuchio telling him to meet him in the room behind The Room Which Will Not Open at 2 AM. When he does, he discovers his grandfather’s spirit waiting for him, and finds out that his family is psychic, allowing them to sense spirits and apparitions. They will be faced with a great catastrophe in the near future and Kiyoshi, Fuchio says, is the only one who can stop it. 

This show is a great fusion of horror and comedy. At thirteen episodes which runs at 30 minutes a piece the show is pretty short, but is a gem! It pokes fun at lot of the stuff featured in Japanese horror films and legends, so if you are a J-horror fan, you’ll get a lot of the inside jokes on this show. Plus one of the co-directors Takashi Shimizu was the creator behind The Grudge. It’s very cheesy, the comedy is sometimes campy, and that’s what made this show so great!


Madea’s Boo 2

Synopsis: Madea, Bam, and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must run for their lives when monsters, goblins, and the boogeyman are unleashed.

This sequel was even funnier than it’s predecessor and it actually few in a few more scares too. I went to the theaters to see this with my mom and we both had tears of laughter coming from our eyes. Madea and her crew pretty much do the same stuff I would if I was stuck in a horror movie! Definitely go out to see this if you’re looking for a Halloween movie with laughs.


Resse’s Pumpkin

One of my favorite Halloween (chocolate/peanut butter candy in general) treats is Reese’s pumpkins. I’ve been eating them all month-long on top of other types of Halloween candy. It’s so delicious! 😀


Rush by RIRI

RIRI is an upcoming talented teenage Japanese singer. Her vocals and sound (in this track) are reminiscent of 90s R&B and remind of Japanese R&B singers such as Crystal Kay and AI. I haven’t heard of her till this EP, but I’m looking forward to what she’ll bring to the music scene. The video is fun, the song is smooth, and the vocals are great!

Worth It (feat. Grace Kelly) by Postmodern Jukebox

Saxophone, jazz, and a Fifth Harmony song? Count me in. One of my favorite (more recent) covers that Postmodern Jukebox has done is the retro jazz rendition of the pop song. It’s fun and sassy at the same time. Grace Kelly is a great jazz musician and singer and I enjoyed how she brought her own style to this cover.


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