My Favorite Things: July Edition

My Favorite Things” is a monthly segment where I share my personal and current favorites in seasonal products, health & beauty, food, decor, movies, TV, and more. Hope you enjoy these personal picks!


Descendants of The Sun

Synopsis:  A love story between Captain Yoo Shi Jin, Korean Special Forces, and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon, surgeon at Haesung Hospital. Together they face danger in a war-torn country.

Almost done with this fantastic K-drama! So far, so good. What I really enjoy about this show is that it’s not only set in a different setting than I’m used to, but that the plot is character driven. Granted it might move a bit slower than other K-dramas, but I like that it doesn’t have those typical over the top antics, and we see how relationships form and break over the course of the story. I love the two lead actors in this drama and they do such a good job of acting out their roles, plus their on-screen chemistry is amazing.

ER Season 3

Synopsis: This show follows the inner life of the emergency room (ER) of fictional County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and various critical issues faced by the room’s physicians and staff.

Picking up from where I last left off a couple of summers ago, I’ve continued the re-watch of all the seasons of ER! I was super young when this show was released and eventually went on to watch in its latter seasons. It’s nice to see the show from its beginning and I love see how some of my favorite characters start out and grow. I love medical dramas so if there any other shows you could recommend to me, I’d appreciate it. 🙂


Steven Universe

Synopsis: It is the coming-of-age story of a young boy named Steven Universe, who lives in the fictional town of Beach City with the “Crystal Gems” – Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst, three magical humanoid aliens. Steven, who is half-Gem, goes on adventures with his friends and helps the Gems protect the world from their own kind.

Another re-watch. I really enjoyed the few Steven Universe episodes I saw when it was first released so I decided to go back and start from the beginning. This show is equally entertaining for adults and kids because it has so much to offer. There’s action, solid characters, and best of all catchy tunes that you’ll find yourself singing along to.

Adventure Time Season Four

Synopsis: The adventures of a boy named Finn  and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake. Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, where they interact with friends and foes.

Yet another re-watch, lol! I love Adventure Time so much! It’s one of those kid shows with interweaving story lines and many entertaining characters. I also like that you can watch it out of sequence and still follow what’s happening and keep up with the characters.



Synopsis: Takakura is a former detective. He receives a request from his ex-colleague, Nogami , to examine a missing family case that occurred 6 years earlier. Takakura follows Saki’s memory. She is the only surviving family member from the case.Meanwhile, Takakura and his wife Yasuko recently moved into a new home. Their neighbor, Nishino, has a sick wife and a young teen daughter. One day, the daughter, Mio, jumps into Takakura’s house and tells him that the man is not her father and she doesn’t know him at all.

This movie will really throw its viewers for a loop! There are trigger warnings for many scenes of violence, so be advised. I love watching psychological thrillers with twists and turns. For this movie the plot is a bit predictable, but what was the most interesting was to see how it turned out in the end. The acting is phenomenal and they had me completely convinced by their roles in the story. A must watch if you love dark thrillers!

My Life As a Zucchini

Synopsis: After losing his mother, a young boy is sent to a foster home with other orphans his age where he begins to learn the meaning of trust and true love.

A charming and sometimes heartbreaking film about finding home and where you belong. This was such a beautiful movie. The character designs were really interesting and unique to me compared to other stop-motion animation films I’ve watched before. But that only made the film stand out more. The cast of characters was great and I liked how the main character, “Zucchini”, stays true to himself, but also learns to open his art and trust others again.


L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer

There’s been even more products released for eyebrows as of lately and with all of the options around I wasn’t sure which product to try. I’m glad I decided to go with the L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer. It’s easy to use, doesn’t smear a ton, and is very inexpensive. Best of all it really helps to fill in my eyebrows since they have a tendency to look sparse.

Finchberry Fresh & Clean Soap

Finchberry has the prettiest and most lovely scented soaps I’ve ever seen! Right now, I’m using the Fresh and Clean Soap and it’s so nice. It’s smooth on the skin, doesn’t melt a lot after every use, plus the scent is not too overpowering. If you love scented soaps, but are looking for something lighter and less fruity smelling, try this soap.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy: Lavender

When I’m super tired and need to relax, I tend to Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender products. It’s my favorite scent out of the company’s aromatherapy line and I love the way it’s helps me relax. It definitely helps to relieve tension from the body and it’s smells great!


If You Want Me To Stay by Sly & The Family Stone

I love funky music and this song is the complete essence of funk. It’s catchy and it’s laced with a fantastic bass line. Sly and the band was the first major American rock group to have an “integrated, multi-gender” lineup. They have some great songs and this one is sure to get you groovin’.

Mayores by Becky G feat. Bad Bunny

I’ve been a fan of Becky G’s music since her debut and I’ve currently been jamming to Mayores. It’s a catchy song, with a Salsa beat that will have anybody on the dance floor. I’m looking forward to her Spanish debut album set to release this year.

This Love by Davichi

Davichi, the queens of K-pop ballads! Every time they sing on any K-Drama soundtrack it’s golden. They have wonderful harmonies and plus they are also amazing soloists. This track comes from the Descendants of the Sun OST and it truly captures the essence of the show.

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