Fall Tea Review: Graveyard Bush (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Hello readers! How are you?  Today I’m very excited to do my very first tea review. Since fall is here, I decided to try a new tea blend that was completely different from anything I’ve had before!

The tea I’ll be reviewing today is called “Graveyard Bush”. It’s inspired by Tim Burton’s  film,”The Nightmare Before Christmas”. It’s one of my favorite films ever, and I wanted to try it because it was based on the movie and I was intrigued by the tea blends.

Pictured here is 3 oz. pouch I purchased. It costs $10 (not including shipping). The tea is also available for purchase in a 5 oz. tin and as a sample in the promo kit.

The tea is a “fandom tea” from the website, Adagio Teas. Adagio sells majority loose leaf teas, but you’ll also find a small selection teas that come in bags as well. They have a lot of “fandom teas” so whether you like “The Avengers”, “Doctor Who”, or any other cool movie or TV show, there’s probably a tea made for it. I previously received tea from Adagio as a birthday gift. The tea is called “Lady Rainacorn” and is based on that same character featured in the show Adventure Time. It has a nice fruity aroma and flavor to its taste.

Upon opening my bag of “Graveyard Bush” I smelled the aroma of spices in the tea. The teas used in this blend are: earl grey moonlight, rooibos jasmine, and pu erh spice. Some the ingredients include: black tea, orange peels, and ginger root.

I began to boil my water and once it was ready, I poured the water into my little glass tea infuser kettle.


Upon the initial pour, I notice the rich amber color the tea produces. I continued to let it steep for a total of 5 minutes. And here is the result…


The tea’s color changed from amber to a nice burgundy shade and my it’s ready to drink! I ended up adding some sugar to my tea to sweeten it though. I’m not a huge fan of autumn teas, but I found “Graveyard Bush” to be really enjoyable. It’s perfect for fall and it has a great blend of spices that aren’t too overwhelming. When I drink this tea again I would like to try it with some cookies or any other small light snack (since I didn’t eat anything with it).

I would definitely recommend this tea to people who love autumn flavored teas with rich spices! For more information on the complete list of  ingredients in this tea or to purchase it, click here.

Hope to write another tea review soon! What teas are you currently drinking? Comment below! 😀

*Note: All pictures here are taken with my Android phone


4 thoughts on “Fall Tea Review: Graveyard Bush (Nightmare Before Christmas)

    1. Haha. I’m not sure, if an autumn tea has too many spices or they’re too strong, I usually don’t like it. Sometimes I’ll try to brew it for a shorter time, since I don’t like super strong tea. What teas do you usually drink?

      1. I avoid caffeine but I love ultra-strong herbal teas with chai spices and ginger or toasted nuts and things. Or earl grey with honey… There’s this great line from a Lemony Snicket book – “Tea should be as bitter as wormwood and as sharp as a two-edged sword.” That’s my philosophy, too.

        I’m gonna have to spend the morning stalking this tea company online, because it sounds like the best idea in all the internet.

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