Booktube Bites: Books Are My Friends

booktube bites

Booktube Bites is a weekly segment in which I spotlight cool bookish videos on the internet. I will discuss some entertaining videos and Booktubers which you can check out. Feel free to participate as well, and send in your own recommendations of videos you would like spotlighted.

Today’s Booktube Bite: Books Are My Friends

Found on: Youtube

This week’s video comes from one of my favorite, underrated TV shows “The Middle”. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, I’ll give you a bit of background. “The Middle” is an n American sitcom about a working-class family living in Indiana and facing the day-to-day struggles of home life, work, and raising children.

The character Brick, who is featured in the video, is the youngest of the children and loves to read. In this video he gives a speech to his older brother Axl, about how much books mean to him. He talks about how books are powerful and how they let him travel to worlds unseen.

The first time I saw this video it resonated so much with me. I hope you all enjoy this video and have a happy weekend!

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