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Originally created by: Jenni Reads

Today’s Topic: If I Were A Book
What would the title of your book be?

“The Misadventures of a Geek/Fangirl.”

Another possible title is “The Misadventures of a World Traveler”

I’m not entirely sure, but I want to be based of the fact that I have an adorkable personality and how much I love books, TV, movies, etc. Or the fact that I strongly desire to travel all over the world.

Why the constant use of “misadventures”? I want to make my readers laugh and have a fun experience, but I also want them to learn lessons they could benefit from in their own lives.
What author would write your story?

Ohhhh this is a hard one, but I’d probably want one of my favorite of my favorite authors to write about me. Like Richelle Mead or Meg Cabot. It’ so hard to choose honestly!
What book cover would you choose?

A mixture of the cover concept for Fangirl (by Rainbow Rowell) with embellishments and has an overall very artsy style. Actually…I’m not sure if I even understand what that means. *searches for a similar style picture for visual aide*

So something like this with a little more embellishment….


Would your book be paperback or hardcover?

Paperback, so that it’s more accessible, easier to carry, and affordable for my readers (they come first). Without an audience, you can’t really do well in sales, can you?
How long would it be?

Probably around 300 pages, maybe 350.
What genre would it be and why?

Fiction, comedy, and maybe a little bit of romance! I love reading fiction the most, and I can break so many boundaries in that genre. I want to be able to push the creative/imaginative limits to draw the readers in and make the story interesting, but I also want to make it realistic, so that its relatable.
Whose review would you want printed on the back of your book?

A favorite author of mine, a reputable book publication company/review magazine, or a critic.

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2 thoughts on “Book Tag Thursdays: If I Were A Book

  1. Noelle Stevenson, who did the cover of Fangirl, is one of my favorite artists. I’ve been following her on Tumblr for years and she does the best, the nerdiest, the funniest work. Now you’ve got me imagining scenes from my own life as though she’s drawn them… is her website.

    Using the term “misadventures” makes any awkward day instantly better. It’s just a misadventure that future readers will laugh about later!

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