Book Tag Thursday: Stranger Things Book Tag

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Today’s Topic: Stranger Things Book Tag

Created BySarah Sunbeemz

EPIC INTRO: The opening sequence of Stranger Things is amazing and really grabs your attention. Name a book that grabbed your attention from the first page.


Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan

I was initially intrigued by the overall fantasy aspects, but I love the characters and how the plot progressed in this novel. Witches come in all different forms with various powers and it was interesting to see how the battle between magic and society plays out.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Name a fantasy world you would like to experience yourself.


Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Though the world of Graceling is super dangerous, but it would be a great adventure to experience a world of sword fighting and mystical creatures. Plus being able to see a real live dragon would be cool!

SQUAD GOALS: When Eleven met Mike, Dustin and Lucas it was a *mostly* perfect team. Name your favorite bookish group of friends.


Gabi,  A Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero

I love the relationship between Gabi and her friends Cindy and Sebastian. Though they run into some circumstances that possibly could have ruined their friendship, they were able to work through their problems and stick it out. They are honest, down to earth, and always have each other’s backs.

ABC’s & CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Joyce Byers goes mad with grief after Will goes missing. Name your favorite mentally unhinged character.

midnight bites

Midnight Bites by Rachel Caine

Myrnin from the Morganville Vampire series! Though he is part genius and part mad hatter, he’s a very charming character. Though I’m not always sure if he’s all-together trustworthy, I love the way his character is written and how he develops over the course of the story.

THE UPSIDE DOWN: Name a book that was the opposite of what you expected.


The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong

This novel was one of my favorite suspenseful books that I’ve read this year!  Not only was it a book that explored mental illness, but it’s an intense fast-paced psychological thriller that puts you on edge. The twists that occurred throughout the book were so unexpected to me.

MAD SCIENTISTS: Dr. Brenner likes to get freaky with humanity. Name the freakiest dystopian government you can think of.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I can’t think of any other book/series that tops The Hunger Games 

DEMOGORGON: Name a scary bookish creature that you would not want to come through your walls.


Night of the Living Dummy by R.L. Stine

There a ton of bookish creatures out there that terrify me, but one that comes to mind is Slappy the ventriloquist dummy from Night of the Living Dummy. To this very day, dolls and ventriloquist dummies terrify me! They are so creepy!

CLIFFHANGER ENDING: name a book that left you wanting more.


The Wicked + The Divine Vol.1: The Faust Act by Kieron Gillen

The concept and artwork for this series is amazing! I like how the story is revolve around younger people become gods for a limited time and how they have to (somewhat) abide by society’s rules. After I finished the first book, I wanted to read more!

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