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Today’s Topic: Book Buying Habits Tag

Found At: What The Log

Where do you buy your books from?

I buy my books from many places! Used book sales at libraries/schools, online shops, indie and big name bookstores.

Do you ever pre-order books and if so, do you do this in-store or online?

I rarely pre-order books, but if I do, then I pre-order online.

On average, how many books do you buy a month?

Hmmm…this number has gone significantly down since I’ve kinda enforced a book buying ban on myself. Usually I buy no more than five if I can help it.

Do you use your local library?

All the time! I’ve been going to the library since I was little. It’s one of my favorite places.

If so, how many do you borrow at a time?

Usually 10-20 books. I know that sounds like a lot, but I read multiple books at a time, plus I’m a fast reader.

What’s your opinion on library books?

I love library books! They save me lots of money. The only downside is that the newer books have a longer waiting list and are non-renewable due to holds.

How do you feel about charity shop/second-hand books?

I also love second-hand shops! I frequent them as much as I can. One of my favorite local spot is a used book store that has four floors of books, it used to be an old factory.

Do you keep your read and TBR pile together/on the same bookshelf or not?

No I have to keep the piles separate other wise I’ll mix things up. I keep my immediate TBR/currently reading pile by my bedside.

Do you plan to read all the books you own?

Yes, that’s the ultimate goal. But will it really happen, lol.

What do you do with books that you own and that you’ll feel you’ll never read/enjoy?

I usually donate/give them to my library, local charities, and friends/family.

Have you ever donated books?

I donate books on a regular basis.

Do you feel like you buy too many books?

Yes, and I often feel guilty about it. But books make me happy!

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3 thoughts on “Book Tag Thursday: Book Buying Habits Tag

  1. I always feel smug and superior when bloggers talk about how many books they buy per month, but then like — my thing is actually kind of worse? Most months I buy no books at all, and then certain months arrive and I buy ALL THE BOOKS like the book-buying fiend I truly am. I have bought a hundred books this year easily; I’m a disaster. :p

    1. I’m the same Jenny, usually I have months where I go from buying nothing to almost every book. I lost count of how many books I bought this year , lol.

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