Book Spotlight: “Ghost on The Lake” by Alex Alexander

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Book Cover - Ghost on the Lake


Imagine dying very suddenly. Only to realize you may still be alive, but lost in another dimension.

And imagine the terror of knowing the only way back to your body and the love of your life is to overcome the darkest of evils, ancient tribesmen, and the sinister deception of someone you trusted.

Ghost on the Lake pits the power of love and evil in a battle between Earthly and supernatural forces that have the power to change life as we know it.

As students at the University of Chicago, Mike and Laura are soulmates, preparing to spend their lives together. Until unthinkable tragedy strikes. While swimming, Mike mysteriously vanishes. But Laura isn’t convinced he has drowned. She suspects other shadowy forces are at work.

She’s joined in her quest for the truth by Ron, a close friend from Mike’s past. However, things become heated and frightening when Laura and Ron become entangled in a worldwide criminal plot to control a secret substance that makes it possible to leave your body and visit other dimensions.

Can Mike escape the clutches of evil and return to his life? Will he be cut off from his body forever by the criminal syndicate tormenting Laura and Ron? Or is his biggest challenge an unsuspecting clan that holds the key to the mystery of the secret substance.

The answers will shock you.
And your perception of life, love and death will never be the same.

 Book Excerpt

No more than a second was needed per house. I checked the first home and continued on immediately.

Second. I’d automatically moved on to the third house before realizing I had overlooked something of an oddity. I went back to Ronald’s and combed under the house again. Strips of earth alternated with concrete, except for one that was empty. I shot upward and ended up in the library. It had a plank floor.

A hatch!

I realized that something in this room opened the hatch that led to a vertical ladder underneath the floor. I recalled Ronald showing me weapons from a safe; evidently old Jim wasn’t the only one in town with a secret weapons cache. In fact, Ron’s arsenal was probably even bigger.

Dying of curiosity, I flew down. The wonders didn’t end there; below ground stretched a bunker the size of a two-bedroom apartment! Ronald had never told me about it before. I was stunned. I figured I now had something to prank him with. I wondered what he was hiding there. The rooms were separated from one another with massive iron doors, like on a ship. The first room was empty.

The second room wasn’t.

Lying flat on two metal beds were three lifeless bodies.

Two were deathly pale.

My own and Tony’s.

The third body—black and withered like a mummy—had to have been poor John…

About the Author

Alex Alexander is an experienced physicist and engineer with an extensive international background. Having worked in numerous countries, his exposure to scientific and cultural diversity provides a rich source of insight for Ghost on the Lake, a supernatural thriller that deftly blends science, spirituality, passion and suspense. 

Alex’s professional and personal experiences came together in a highly unique fashion to fuel the writing of Ghost on the Lake. After graduating from college with a degree in Experimental Particle Physics, he began his global travels as he shuttled between various European countries. His professional and academic experience during this time included working in particle accelerator complex and earning his Ph.D.

In 2000, Alex was recruited by a leading global management consultancy where he spent more than four years excelling in a number of capacities that included consulting management positions. Since 2005, he has worked with an industrial company where he is able to utilize his broad range of experience within multiple Company divisions.

While vacationing one summer with his wife and children in Europe, Alex and his wife had a life-changing encounter with a “spirit presence” that occupied the home in which they were staying. This made an indelible impression on Alex. 

These fascinating mystical experiences combined with Alex’s extensive scientific background, provide a compelling juxtaposition that serves as the inspiration for his enthralling novel, Ghost on the Lake.

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