Book Review: “The Fall of Arcadia” (Arcadian Wars) by M.H. Soars

the fall of arcadia

“The Fall of Arcadia” (Arcadian Wars) by M.H. Soars (2015)

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Page Length: 77 pages (electronic edition)


How do you win a war against an enemy you can’t touch?

When a group of Arcadian explorers found clues leading to an ancient portal, they believed it would shed light on their past. None of them could have foreseen that their search for knowledge would unleash a powerful and ruthless enemy that sought to destroy everything in its path.

Stranded in a foreign country without means of communication, soulmates Samiah and Malachiax must find a way home. They embark on the most important journey of their lives, travelling through the harsh Arcadian desert where any mistake can be deadly. But the stakes are too high and there is no turning back. (description from Goodreads)


The Fall of Arcadia is a prequel in the Arcadian Wars series that takes readers back in time before The Prophecy of Arcadia (1st novel), and shows how everything got started. At first, I was thrown off by the unfamiliar characters and the plot since it didn’t include the main cast from the first novel, but soon I found myself hooked on the sci-fi story.

The novella was full of action giving the story its exciting thrill factor as we follow Samiah and Malachiax on their journey for knowledge. There is also the big mystery of what is causing normal people to change into these rage-filled zombies (more like evil mind control), adding great suspense. I found that the characters were likable and that they showed smooth development of the short course of the story. I was equally glad that Soars put a glossary of terms in the back of the novella for the sci-fi terms she uses in the novel. It was very helpful when I was reading.

While reading the novella I knew the story would be short, but I wanted to read even more after I was finished. The ending is a cliffhanger and it also manages to answer some of the questions readers might have had after reading the first novel.

Final Verdict:

An action packed novella which leaves you wanting more! I am really looking forward to reading The Phoenix Shadow!

4 star rating


FTC Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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