Book Review: “The Story of Lizzy and Darcy” by Grace Watson

“The Story of Lizzy and Darcy” by Grace Watson (2017)

Genre: LGBT, Romance, Fiction, Retelling

Page Length: 410 pages (electronic review copy)


When Lizzy Bennet first meets Darcy Williams, there is an instant dislike between them. As much as they try to avoid it their paths keep crossing, and they each start to see a different side to the other. Their tentative friendship is soon tested, but will they realise how they really feel?

The Story of Lizzy and Darcy is a modern day, same-sex adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. (description from Goodreads)


The Story of Lizzy and Darcy is a modern-day LGBT adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, a beloved classic by many. To be honest I was a bit wary to review this book since I couldn’t really get into the original story, but I wanted to give it a try since I love retellings of classics. Watson’s writing had me hooked from the beginning of the book. The modern-day setting made it easy for the reader to engage in and I immediately liked the characters which share the same characteristics as their predecessors, but get a total revamp. On top of that, the plot has a fast-pace which it makes it easy to enjoy.

Though the characters mirror their predecessors but still stand out from the original. I felt like I connect with them more, plus I enjoyed the dialogue and witty banter laced throughout the book. I loved that Watson paid tribute to the original story, but still makes it into her own!

Not only is the story entertaining, but I really like reading about the relationships within the novel and seeing them grow over the course of the story. I felt that this modern-day adaptation was very relatable due to Lizzy’s struggle of entering the workforce after college. Plus there were themes coming of age and finding yourself which readers will enjoy. I felt it was more inclusive with LGBTQA and PoC characters (Darcy is biracial) whereas the original had none. I loved Lizzy’s family and how they are so supportive of her and I admired the strong bond she shares with her friends and siblings. She’s incredibly loyal!

Darcy and Lizzy made such a cute couple once they see through their prejudices and break their walls down. Both have clashing personalities, but find out they have so much more in common. Especially their bookish interests! If you enjoy retellings of classics. cute romance stories, or like Pride & Prejudice.

I’m looking forward to reading more from Watson in the future.

Final Verdict:

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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