Book Review: “Little Shop of Homicide” by Denise Swanson

Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well! August is here, and summer is almost over. 🙁 And the back to school commercials have overrun TV…*sigh* But enough babbling…I’m back with another book review, let’s go!



Our main character, Deveraeaux (or, Dev, for short) lives in a small town where she runs a cozy, small dime shop. The shop is filled with various new and old items, but has the cool vintage look and style. Life is normal or at least for Dev until her ex-boyfriend’s fiance Joelle is found dead. Dev soon encounters a cop who is all too set with closing the case ASAP, pins her as the murderer seeing as the whole town knows about their bad breakup.

Dev becomes a prime suspect and in order to clear her good name her loopy grandma who she takes care of contacts an old friend to help out. In comes Jake, the handsome U.S. Marshall, to assist Dev with helping her find the real killer. She also enlists the help of her besties, Poppy And Boone, to help out with the investigation. Will Dev find the killer before it’s too late?


So, A Little Shop of Homicide is the first book in the Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery series. I liked it. It was a light, fun, and quick read (250 pages in the paperback edition). Dev is an entertaining main character. She’s spunky, witty, and cool. Her ever-loving, but sometimes nosy (in a good way) friends and grandma also add to the mix. Jake is the knight in shining armor character that is kinda typical, but still sounds (according to text) like a pretty good-looking man and gets the job done.

Sometimes the story feeds into clichés and some of the things that happen in the story aren’t a huge surprise, but it okay. The book’s is not supposed to be some true grit crime novel, but rather more of a light-hearted, comedic whodunnit read. The writing by Swanson is good as well. The story is fast-placed and the story line flows well.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a quick mystery read, with some laughs, check out this book. I will probably read the next novel. Three and a half stars out of five.

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