Big Changes in 2016!!!

Hello readers! A new year has arrived, and changes are coming with it. Life of a Female Bibliophile will going on its third anniversary in spring and I think it’s time to spruce things up a bit!

I appreciate and thank each and every reader who takes time out of their day to comment on posts, chat with me on social media, and subscribe through email and WordPress. Without you, there would be no blog!

So what kind of changes do I have in mind for 2016?

Well for starters, I’ve decided to make a switch from to! In doing so, I’ll able to use plugins to help me with the efficiency and structure of my posts. Plus it will give me a chance to add some cool extras that I wouldn’t be able to do with

The name of my blog will stay the same, but I will have overall new look and design, with the addition of new graphics. Its in the works as we speak . I cannot wait to show you all the final result!

My book reviews will continue to run on a regular schedule of 1-2 reviews every week, but will change in structure. I want to give an even more in-depth review that will tell you guys more details of why I enjoyed or disliked a certain book (ex. characterization, writing style, solid plot, high points/weak points).

Weekly Segments:

  • Book Tag Thursday: will continue to run every other Thursday.
  • Booktube bites: will continue to run on Fridays, I’d like to also like to start including cool non-bookish videos as well.
  • Wonderful Writers: I’m getting rid of this particular segment because I found I didn’t have much joy in writing it as when I first started it, plus I felt like it was getting repetitive at times. Maybe I’ll revamp it in the future, but right now it’s in hiatus.

Regular Segments:

  • Slice of Life: Usually I use these posts to talk about places I’ve traveled to. There haven’t been many “Slice of Life” posts lately since I haven’t really been doing too much recently, but I will start using the post as a way to discuss what’s happening in my life kind.
  • Reading Recommendations: I absolutely love putting together these lists so in 2016 you’ll be seeing a more of these recommendation lists based on holidays, themes, seasons, etc. more frequently than before.
  • Tea Review: I want to get back into doing more reviews of tea, and even other drinks like smoothies.
  • Literary Wish Lists: I introduced these last year and I’d like to post these periodically. It’s a lot of fun to write and it gives readers ideas for bookish gifts and showcases products by small businesses/artisans.
  • What I’m Listening To: I’m going to work on trying to get these posted every month. Please feel free to send me recommendations of ideas for playlists, songs, and artists to include in this segment.

New Segments:

My Favorite Things: A new segment for me to talk about favorite or current things I enjoy that are non-literary. Topics will range from music, movies, beauty, and more.

Movie/TV Wrap-ups: I watch a lot of TV and movies so I’ll sharing my thoughts more on current/favorite shows and movies.


More new segments and changes to come this year! I hope you’ll enjoy all the new things in store and thank you again for your readership. It means a lot to me! 🙂






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